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Senior Years of Your Pet : As pets make it into their senior years, a lot of things change. And that’s true for both ourselves and them.

Our pets – be it cats, dogs, or any other pet – go through a lot of health changes. They lose their energy and vigor and surrender to fatigue, tiredness, and weakening bones. Some even develop diseases and illnesses that hinder a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Consequently, their lifestyle needs to change. They retreat to sleeping and resting now and then. They fade out from the front stage of our lives and take the back seat.

As dedicated and loving pet owners, that truly sinks one’s heart. It’s difficult to watch one’s beloved pet slowly disappear out of sight.

Although we cannot erase the pain it brings, we can lighten it up. Here in this guide, you shall find a few interesting ways to make special memories with your pet in their senior years.Senior Years of Your Pet

Play Games

Remember the first day you brought in your little buddy? Remember how you were jumping with joy, and so were they? Remember how both of you couldn’t stop playing, and even months after they arrived in your life, you couldn’t help but think of newer games to play?

Miss that, don’t you? Well, it’s the same for your pet. They, too, miss the good old days filled with lots of energy and endless play.

As your pet approaches its senior years, we would recommend you bring the good, old joy back to your routine. You may not be able to play physically demanding games with them. But you can play other strategic and interesting games, such as scented play. You can play games that involve hiding their favorite food somewhere and compelling them to find it. Similarly, you can buy your pet interactive and cognitive toys (such as puzzles). Watch them play and cherish the moments.

Go OutCreating Special Memories During the Senior Years of Your Pet 7

Apart from playing, you can take your pet outdoors. Staying confined in the house (especially if they are alone) might bring about spells of loneliness and depression. So, taking them out will not only bring you newer memories but will also keep your pet mentally and emotionally healthy.

Some interesting things to do when you go out involve exploring the vicinity, spending time at old homes, charity centers, animal shelters, and even going out to explore nature through camping or hiking. You could even take your pet on a road trip with you. Roll the windows down (to a safe level) and watch your pet enjoy the breeze as you drive. Both of you can enjoy the time together, and the serenity of this time together will you mesmerize for life.

Get Some PicturesCreating Special Memories During the Senior Years of Your Pet 8

Spending good time together is important. But keeping a record of this good time together is equally important.

That’s because the bitter reality of life is so – an average human lifespan is of about 70 – 80 years. On the contrary, the average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years. For cats, it is 2-16 years. For birds, it is six months – 20 years. And similar to this, almost all other pets have about ¼ that of a human lifespan, which means you will have to spend a large amount of your life without your favorite buddy by your side.

So, to preserve the precious moments with them, it’s important to get some pictures together. Be it on important occasions or random – ensure that you get enough clicks. These should be both individual and together.

Create A Memory BookCreating Special Memories During the Senior Years of Your Pet 9

Once you have the pictures together, don’t just save them in your gallery. Instead, bring these out to real life. Get them printed and create a photo album.

Alternatively, you can create a memory book wherein you paste the pictures, keep a record of the most memorable days, attach bits of stuff that serve as reminders, and even get a pet portrait to paste in here.

Usually, pet portraits in the house can help your pets gain a sense of ownership in your house. Hence, it’s best to get these framed and hung in the lounge or your pet’s room. However, you can also get it printed or copied in a smaller version and paste it into the scrapbook.

Treat them Generously

Pet’s Senior Years

Although you will be outliving your pet, creating memories is not all about you. It’s about your pet’s happiness and well-being too. So, ensure that you make their days by treating them with their favorite foods. Don’t go overboard (i.e., treating them thrice a day) as it will affect their health negatively. And constant treats would steal the pleasure of treats.

Final Words

Summing up, creating memories with your pet, especially in its senior years is an essential aspect of your journey with your pet. It’s perhaps even more important than their young years because that’s when they need your companionship the most. Ensure they lead a fulfilled life!