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Applehead Chihuahuas are the most popular member of the family of Chihuahuas. You see different celebrities and other influential people carrying one and creating a storm on social media. They appear in various TV shows and are quite the star on their own. Have you ever wanted to get one yourself but got intimidated by it? We understand. However, it is easy to get around this breed and take care of it. In this article, we will show you how.Take Care Of Your Applehead Chihuahua: A Step By Step Guide 1

We will go in-depth about this fascinating breed. Learn some history, fun facts, and tips on taking care of them the right way. All you have to do is follow along, and this entire process will feel like a breeze. Are you ready to take care of your Applehead Chihuahua? Let’s start!


The Chihuahua is Mexico’s national dog. It is thought that the Chihuahua race was found in the Chihuahua province of Mexico in the 1800s. This is the name of the Mexican Chihuahua family. Old drawings of a Chihuahua dog were dug out by archeologists in Central America, which were comparable to the ancient Techichi dog and were similar to that of the old Chinese Crested dog in Europe, giving some idea of its origin.Take Care Of Your Applehead Chihuahua: A Step By Step Guide 2

It is therefore considered that an early predecessor of Chihuahua was the little Techichi dog and that it may have been mixed somewhere along the lineage with a Chinese Crested dog, which gives us the Chihuahua breed we know today.

The Applehead Chihuahua, like its name, has a head shaped like an apple. Its short jawline and neck differentiate it from other Chihuahua breeds. They are a loyal, clingy breed that loves infinite affection. Playing sports and fiddling around is one of their ways to spend time.

Caring for Your Dog:

Feeding and Nutrition

Feeding a Chihuahua may seem like an easy job due to its small size and the amount of food they eat. However, that’s exactly why you have to be careful when selecting food and supplements for your dog. Applehead Chihuahuas eat less, which means you have to choose a small amount of food with the required nutrients. Vitamins for Chihuahua are also available online. Read the product description and reviews before buying them. This time, you have to choose quality over quantity.

Chihuahuas may not suit all types of dog food available. Please be careful in selecting the correct dog food for your pet. You might avoid some dog food brands, as they might harm the health of your Chihuahua. You must also avoid providing human foods that are not safe for dogs. A small portion of unhealthy food can result in fatality.

Chihuahua Grooming

This type of Chihuahua has short and long hair variants, which means that different varieties of coats may require different care demands.

For short-haired Chihuahuas, infrequent baths and brushing are fine as they don’t shed much. However, long-haired Chihuahuas need routine baths and brushing since they have shedding tendencies. You will need to do daily cleaning to get rid of pet hair in your house, so it is safe to say, long-haired Chihuahuas require more time and effort. One thing to know is that you shouldn’t overdo it. These Chihuahuas have natural oils, and too many baths can strip the oils out and leave them dry, causing discomfort and itchiness.

Apart from taking care of your dog’s body, pay attention to their teeth as well. It is crucial to prevent plaque and tooth decay. Chewing helps break the plaque. Use a toothbrush with a soft bristle and toothpaste that are safe for pets. Trim their nails every month, take care of their ears, and check for infections. Enough dedication and attention are required for this breed, but if you are always gushing over them, it should be a no-brainer!


Chihuahuas have 14-16 years of life expectancy. However, depending on the care you give your Applehead Chihuahua, it might be reduced or extended. Some diseases are hereditary to the breed, which can reduce their lifespan drastically.

However, there is nothing to be scared of. If you are careful with the care you provide, it can live up to twenty years. If you can detect the diseases early and provide proper treatment, you can increase its lifespan. In addition, frequent vaccines may potentially prevent some infections.

Chihuahua Health IssuesTake Care Of Your Applehead Chihuahua: A Step By Step Guide 3

Chihuahuas have some health problems that need specific attention. Your Chihuahua might have a molera, or a soft place on the skull that is not shut, on his head. It’s preferable not to allow him to play with people or with other animals roughly and be gentle with them. Take care of their head and make sure to get it checked as soon as possible.

Chihuahuas are prone to slip-down kneecaps or luxating patellas. Substantially slipped kneecaps require surgery. If you see your dog limping or having difficulty walking, please take him to a vet for them to conduct examinations.

Chihuahuas are also prone to various inherited eye diseases, and they can hurt their eyes easily. Tell people to be careful around your pet and handle them gently. Again, get to the vet if you notice any problems.

Chihuahuas can be a handful to look after, but if you are determined to take care of them, you have to pay attention to these diseases to help your pet thrive. Here are some of the diseases/health conditions they are prone to:

Patellar luxation

Breathing problems

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca


Liver shunt

Dental problems

Heart problems


Congenital hydrocephalus

Tracheal collapse

Here are some signs you can pay attention to for the conditions mentioned above:

Loss of appetite

Shaking or convulsions of muscle or seizures

Lethargic behavior

Mucosal pale membranes

If your pet appears to be hypoglycemic, keep some sugar syrup or something similar at ready for an emergency. Apply the syrup on your pet’s gums and call for help. Next, rush them for additional treatment by the veterinarian.

Training For Your Applehead Chihuahua

To train your Applehead properly, time and patience are necessary! This small puppy is an energetic one that must be educated and socialized in advance so he can be sociable and comfortable in his home and public. As they are a sensitive breed, any training on a practice basis must be patient and meticulous.

They are intelligent breeds who have a strong will and can do things in their own right. Therefore, the trainer must be stern yet gentle and relentless in every effort to educate this young dog on how to act and react to orders. Although they’re little, they often like to dominate and be in charge of others. Make sure you make it clear to them who the leader is.

Limits have to be established and enforced early to remind the pet regularly of what is and is not good behavior. Rewarded instruction and showing appreciation for good conduct and obedience will help spread the effect quickly. Here is a quick program you can use.

Find common words and be consistent every time you utilize keywords such as stop, come, and wait, etc. Train your pet to recognize their new home. Buy a crate and get the dog acquainted with it. It’s going to become their new place, and they will live there. Their new home needs to be locked so they can get trained to control their bladder and can be taken care of during vacations. To protect a Chihuahua puppy, voice commands and road awareness are necessary as they are delicate and need protection from fatal obstacles.

How Much Do Applehead Chihuahuas Cost?

If you want to welcome an Applehead Chihuahua home, then you may ponder about the price it might come with. Most of the ethical and renowned pet stores will not charge a hefty price for them, as these breeds are usually bred from standard Chihuahuas. However, you may assume it could take up to $1500. On the other hand, unethical sellers may charge you even more by manipulating you and telling you that it is a rare breed. However, it isn’t difficult to search for this breed. If you want one, you can ask for it at the store, and they can manage to find one for you.

Take Care Of Your Applehead Chihuahua: A Step By Step Guide 4


You can now use these tips to take care of your Applehead Chihuahua in a better way. Above all, it is important to be patient with them. Give them time to adjust to their new home and provide them with love and care. Get them the necessary vaccines to combat certain diseases and get them checked by a vet every month. All these little things and the tips mentioned can help you take good care of your Chihuahua so it can have better longevity. Follow these tips, and your precious puppy will thank you!

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