Photo of Your PetPhoto of Your Pet: The bond between a pet and its owner is sometimes so strong that many go a little over the top when thinking about gifts to buy for their loved pets!

Whether you’re a cat lady or a dog mom, there are several companies on the web that allow you to order custom-made products with your pet’s image to show how much you love them: here are just a few items that you can personalize using Photo of Your Pet

You can get them now to spoil yourself, or give them as gifts to your friends who love their pets (almost) as much as you do!

Items You Can Create Using Just a Photo of Your Pet

1. A blanket with your pet’s image

Who doesn’t like to lounge under a soft blanket on chilly evenings to warm up their heart while watching TV shows? Well, I hear it’s even better when our best friend’s pretty face is on it!A collection of Pugrooms 14

But beware, your pet might just decide that given his photo is on the blanket, it might be his possession! Or at the very least he will be puzzled why there is a giant portrait of him or her sitting on your bed all the time!

2. A phone case with the image of your pet printed on it

What’s the point of having a cell phone if it’s not decorated with your dog’s face, you ask? Good point. We won’t argue with you on that. Put the most beautiful picture of your pet on your phone cover and you will never miss them again.

A case for your phone is a good idea because you will always recognize your phone from a distance as well!

3. A custom cushion with your pet’s photo printed on it

Maybe you miss your dog or cat while traveling, dreaming of your reunion when you return? This cushion can comfort you while you wait for that sweet moment of reunion! That said, you can also just look at your photos on your phone and leave the cushion for them to sleep on.

4. A custom pet portrait from their photo

Tips to Help Show Your Pets You Love Them 15

Do you dream of being part of high society and having paintings hanging on your wall? So does your pet! Your home will suddenly look like a museum and your pet’s self-esteem will be boosted by the knowledge that he has become a work of art that is permanently featured on the walls of your house!

These pet portraits for example come in various shapes and sizes and if you feel like it, you can get a personalized portrait of you and your pet to cherish your times spent together!

5. Custom embroideryItems You Can Create Using Just a Photo of Your Pet 1

If you love embroidery, this little piece will make you happy. Because nothing says “I love you” more clearly than paying a stranger on the Internet to embroider the little face of your kitty on a piece of fabric.

6. Custom t-shirts

Because pets are our muses, they deserve to have their portrait featured on a t-shirt. These are custom t-shirts just the way we like them.

You can then use this shirt when going out at the dog park and you will surely attract some looks with it!

7. A photo shoot with an album

There is no better way to celebrate the bond with your pet than with a professional photo shoot of you two together. After the photo shoot, the photographer may also create an album! Having professional photographs is also a good idea for when you want to create other products from your photos!

8. Personalized Christmas ornamentsBest Gifts You Can Give to Your Fur Baby 21

Why not try to decorate the Christmas tree with your pet? This personalized gift is best reserved for the holiday season but it is a surprising gift that all will enjoy!

Usually forbidden near the tree, this time, your pets will be able to approach it very closely… in the form of a bauble or any other decoration. It’s safer this way!

Would you like to create your own decorations? You can order them in pairs, with your photo visible on the front and back of each ball.

9. Custom keychainsA collection of Pugrooms 7

What do you use every day? Your keys! With these key rings you will be able to look at your pet every time you hold your keys. You can choose from different shapes and styles such as heart-shaped or rectangle keychains.

10. My pet, my cup of tea – Mugs

With some stylish mugs, there’s no reason to be unhappy. Your pet will always cheer you up in the cold mornings when you are drinking your cup of coffee or tea in the morning. You can think of a magic mug that is normally black when cold, but the image of your pet appears when a hot liquid is poured into it!

11. A blanket with your pet’s image

Who doesn’t like to lounge under a soft blanket on chilly evenings to warm up their heart while watching TV shows? Well, I hear it’s even better when our best friend’s pretty face is on it!


The gift ideas for pet lovers are endless! Although we often run out of ideas for birthdays and holidays, it is so much fun to give our loved ones gifts that they really enjoy. Additionally, there is now such a wide range of products for pet owners and their pets that we are spoiled for choice! It’s just a matter of finding what works best for everyone.

I hope you’ve been inspired by this list of gift ideas. You won’t be caught off guard this holiday season!