3 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Cat

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Fleas On Your Cat : Fleas are unpleasant parasites that often cause misery to both cats and their owners. To humans, bites could lead to severe itching or swelling around the affected areas. Aside from that, these pests can transfer pathogens from sick pets into a person’s body, causing illnesses, such as typhus.

To cats, however, the effects may be more severe. Usually, most felines are allergic to flea saliva, and this could cause serious reactions, such as skin irritation, scabbing, and continuous scratching, to mention a few. Therefore, caregivers are advised to treat these pets immediately after they notice such signs. It’s because if these symptoms aren’t managed in their early stages, they could cause severe health complications to cats, such as anemia or Lyme disease.

Fleas On Your Cat

Effective Measures For Eliminating Cat Fleas

Veterinarians advise that the best way to deal with fleas on cats or around the house is to discourage them from appearing in the first place. They recommend that homeowners should consider preventative measures to ensure these parasites stay off their properties and felines. Some of the things caregivers could do are to clean their homes and pets’ beddings regularly. Additionally, bathing their furry friends and buying a DEWELPRO could help keep fleas away, too.

That being so, these parasites may have already infected your feline. You may, therefore, be looking for ways to eliminate them. In this case, this article could be pretty helpful. Below are some measures that could help you get rid of fleas. You can:

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Flea collars are often used as effective preventative measures against these parasites. However, they could also be excellent tools to get rid of these pests, too. Usually, these instruments are designed to release substances, called insect growth regulators. These flea irritant agents act as toxins that eliminate the parasites themselves, their larvae, and eggs that may be on the cat’s fur or skin.

Even though effective, feline owners are advised to apply caution when buying these products. Some of these may be DEWELPRO, while others could cause severe allergies to pets due to the materials used to make them.

To identify effective and safe products, consider those that have no strong smells. Also, buy those made of materials that aren’t toxic to cats in case the feline bites or licks the collar, which is expected for these curious animals.

2. Use Lemon Juice Spray3 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Cat 5

This repellant is pretty easy to prepare as the ingredients required are only water and the lemon itself. In addition, the steps used to make the remedy are also simple as they only involve boiling a slice or two in water for a while, and letting the solution sit overnight. After this, you can now drain the liquid into a spray bottle.

After transferring your remedy, you can now spread it on your feline’s body, avoiding sensitive areas, like the eyes. Also, consider applying minimal doses on this pet, as the juice could cause skin redness or irritation to some. That being so, using this natural substance could help keep fleas off your cat and kill any that may already be on their body.

As for home furniture, your pet’s beddings and other surfaces, spray only small amounts to eliminate existing fleas. However, after noticing that your home is free from these insects, it’s advisable to continue applying the solution for some more days to discourage the parasites from returning. That being so, caution should be exercised. It’s recommended not to spray on things that the feline could chew or lick, such as where they eat from. It’s because citric acid might be very toxic for them if ingested.

3. Treat Your Yard

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Cat 6

After eliminating fleas from your cat and house, chances are the parasites might find their way back if the yard remains untreated. These pests can be hard to spot outdoors. Therefore, if you let your feline play outside, and they get to an area with fleas, the insects can find their way back into their coats and your house, too.

Therefore, consider regularly treating your yard by spraying it with insecticides or trimming the lawn. Besides that, make sure you keep stray animals off your property to ensure they don’t bring in these parasites.


Flies are unpleasant pests that cause misery to cats. Upon biting your feline, the pet can experience symptoms like non-stop scratching, lethargy, restlessness, skin irritation, and hair loss. Veterinarians advise owners to start treatment as soon as they notice such signs.

In most cases, if your feline has fleas, it may also mean that some parts of the house have these parasites, too. It’s because as the pet moves around, they may drop these pests around the house. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to get rid of them around your home, there are several measures you could consider. Some of these include using flea collars, lemon juice spray, and treating your yard. However, if these tactics don’t produce the desired results, it’d be good to visit a veterinarian for your cat or contact an exterminator for your house.