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  • sand;
  • redhead;
  • shades of gray;
  • brindle;
  • motley.

Pure black color in cores is unacceptable, but gray colors in dark tones are found. On the face and ears, the hair is darker than on the body.
It is not always possible to determine the color of Cairn Terriers at puppyhood. These dogs, growing up, sometimes change color: sandy turns into red, and light brindle – darkens.

  • The body is muscular, with a broad chest.
  • Legs are straight; slight markings are allowed on the front legs.
  • Broad-forehead head, neat in shape, with a pronounced transition from the forehead to the muzzle.
  • The nose is black.
  • The eyes are dark.
  • Ears are pointed, erect.
  • The tail is not docked, the dog holds it high.
  • The body is covered with tough, straight guard hair, which is puffed up by a soft, padded undercoat. The waviness of the awn is allowed. On the head, the hair is bushy, on the dog’s face – a beard and mustache. The hair on the ears is short.

History of the BreedCairn Terrier 20

The homeland of the Cairn Terriers is Scotland. The breed originated in the highlands of the country, where people needed dogs to hunt animals in rocky mounds. The word “kern” in translation from the Gaelic language means “rocky area”, “embankment”, “rocky hill”.
The first mentions of hunting burrowing dogs date back to the 16th century, but there is no evidence that they are representatives of this breed.
Previously, cores were not singled out as a separate breed – they were called short-haired skye terriers. Only in 1907 did the breed become “independent”. In the same year, the first terriers were registered, which belonged to Alistair Campbell.
According to the breed researcher J. Beynon, Captain McLeod laid the old core line on the Isle of Skye. This line is 150 years old.

PersonalityCairn Terrier 21

The Cairn Terrier is a small, happy dog ​​that undoubtedly enjoys being that way. He enjoys his family life and loves his loved ones. This is one of those dog breeds that gets its canine happiness precisely from close contact with humans. He needs to know that he is part of the family and can participate in all family affairs without exception.
However, sleep can be an exception – you better teach the dog to sleep separately, otherwise you will not get rid of it later. And if you consider that this is a terrier in the full sense of the word, he loves to bark and can do it even at night. Do you get the meaning? If he sleeps with you, then healthy sleep and relaxation will become like dreams for you – desired, but, alas, unattainable.
In addition, he has other properties of a real terrier, namely – chasing small animals, including cats and birds, as well as digging holes. If you live in a private house, going out in the morning with a newspaper and coffee to the garden, watch your step, as there is a possibility of falling asleep into one of these holes in the ground.
Theoretically, you can try to teach your dog to dig a hole always in one place, or at least in a designated corner of the garden, but you cannot say whether you can do it or not. The Cairn Terrier has a high energy level and loves to play pranks, he can play all day long. Of course, the dog needs walks as well, and the longer they are, the better. Active games on the street, training, physical activity – all these are necessary things.
If you want to use this breed as a watchdog, this is not a bad idea as the dog will be a great signaling dog. Although she will not be able to stop the intruder, you will know in advance about the approach of any stranger. The Kern Terrier is very convincing and responsible in this regard. In general, they perceive all strangers with restraint, even on a walk. They get along well with children, love to play and spend time.
The Cairn Terrier breed has a wonderful intellect, perfectly understands a person, recognizes intonations, behavioral hints, and an internal state. One of the distinguishing features of these pets is independence and the desire to sometimes act in their own way, however, it is quite possible to work with this. Also, these are very curious dogs who are interested in the world around them, smells and, in general, everything that happens. So sometimes you need to be careful while walking.

Behavior and TemperamentCairn Terrier 22

Kern is an active, mobile, loyal dog. He is hardy, and gladly participates in “human” affairs.
Character pros:

  • brave;
  • obedient;
  • affectionate;
  • playful;
  • vigilant;
  • patient;
  • communicable;
  • does not bark over trifles.


  • owner – protects his toys or food; without socialization, aggressive towards other dogs and animals; cannot stand loneliness;
  • hyperactive;
  • the hunting instinct is highly developed.

Cairn Terrier and ManCairn Terrier 23

Previously, the Cairn Terrier was used as a hunting dog, and was also kept in homes as a rat catcher. Today it is a companion dog, but it still continues to be used in hunting for burrowing animals.
The representative of the breed is a family dog adapted to urban living conditions. He gets along well in a large family and with a single person. He does not choose a single owner, he is friends with everyone equally, and gets along easily with children.
With other pets, with proper education, the core gets along, perceiving dogs and cats as family members.

Maintenance and CareCairn Terrier 24

This is a dog that requires attention and care. The ideal option for keeping cores is in a rural house. If you live in a house with a backyard, then remember: like any terrier, he loves to rummage in the beds.
But even in city apartments, a dog with sufficient physical activity lives well.
If the Cairn Terrier lives in an apartment, then it is important for him to provide long walks with games in the fresh air.
This dog tolerates cold and heat due to its fur, but during the winter season the dog should not be kept outside.
Caring for the core wool does not take much time – the dog is brushed 3-4 times a week. Such terriers do not shed. Trimming is done every 3-4 months, i.e. pluck out the dead wool. If the dog is not a show dog, then in the grooming salon the dog can be cut with a machine. But remember that clipping spoils the natural coat of the core.

FeedingCairn Terrier 25

This terrier is a lover of food, and when overfeeding it gains excess weight. An adult dog should be fed 2 times a day in small portions, the amount of feed and calorie content depend on the dog’s mobility and conditions of detention. If the dog moves a lot, it is better to increase the number of feeds rather than the size of the portion.
The dog’s diet should contain raw meat, vegetables and fruits, cereals. The food is given in long strips: the dog will easily choke on thick or small pieces, as it eats greedily.
Can also be fed with premium dry food.

Training and EducationCairn Terrier 26

Kern Terriers grasp everything on the fly and love to spend time with the owner, especially if training is fun and mobile. Terriers do not tolerate strict training methods, preferring positive reinforcement to them. The main thing in training is consistency and perseverance, as well as early socialization so that the dog does not become aggressive towards other animals.

A lively, open, independent character needs education and training in obedience – there is nothing without it. But independence and some stubbornness, not that excessive – just, sometimes, if you do not pay due attention to education, the dog may simply not obey you, steal a piece of meat or burst out barking at night, not responding to commands. This behavior, of course, must be eliminated.
To do this, firstly, you need to put yourself in the position of a leader, instilling in the dog that all valuable items, such as toys, food, as well as walks, depend only on you. On the other hand, it is necessary to purposefully and systematically engage in training, as well as apply commands in everyday life.
The training process should be fun, with a sense of humor, not intrusive. That is, it is better for the animal to think that you are going for a walk, play and generally have fun. If you do not make the exercises monotonous, you will succeed. Do not make the training approaches long – better a few short ones, 15-20 minutes each, moreover, it is necessary to change the tasks and the form of presentation. As if they are different games, with elements of teams. Encouragement, positive attitude and patience are your helpers.

Health and LongevityCairn Terrier 27

Cairn Terriers live an average of 16-18 years, which gives them the right to be called long-livers.
These pets, like any others, are prone to certain diseases, including:

  • cranio-mandibular osteopathy;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • globoid cellular leukodystrophy – also known as Krabbe’s disease;
  • hypothyroidism – can cause conditions such as epilepsy, alopecia (hair loss), obesity, lethargy, hyperpigmentation, pyoderma, and other skin conditions
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease;
  • knee dislocation;
  • ocular melanosis / secondary glaucoma – formerly called pigmentary glaucoma, occurs in the Cairn Terrier breed between the ages of 7 and 12;
  • liver portosystemic shunt.

Some diseases are inherited, so when choosing a puppy, take an interest in the health of the parents.

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