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Breed CharacteristicsAffenpinscher 18

  • Life expectancy: 12-14 years
  • Weight: 2.9-6 kg
  • Height: 23-30 cm
  • Coat: harsh, thick, straight, or slightly broken
  • Color: black, yellow-brown, silver, gray, red, blue, multicolor
  • Undercoat: soft, wavy
  • Usage: Pied Piper, Indoor Companion Dog
  • Personality: stubborn, active, playful, curious, courageous, cheerful

Often, the description of the Affenpinscher breed is reduced to the similarity to monkeys. They are boldly called a relative of the terrier. Typical external features of the breed:

  • protruding chin;
  • attentive eyes;
  • thick mustache and beard;
  • bushy eyebrows;
  • cropped ears;
  • docked tail.

The dog shows a harmonious constitution. The head is always proudly raised – the dog knows its own worth. Breed characteristics:

  • height – 25-30 cm, ideal height is 26-27 cm;
  • weight – 4-6 kg;
  • round eyes, shiny, medium;
  • the muzzle is short, narrowed towards the nose;
  • nose: black lobe;
  • protruding lower lip;
  • short hard hair – 2.5 cm;
  • an adult dog gets a collar;
  • there are many colors – from black (standard) to yellow-red. Not always even color.

The Affenpinscher breed is distinguished by increased energy and perkiness. Loyalty to the owners and friends of the owners is unlimited. The dog is extremely curious and stubborn. Loves to be the center of attention and entertain the family, making grimaces.

Dislikes cats, rather afraid, combining a dog with feline representatives is highly discouraged. Pied Piper from God, forget about the existence of unpleasant rodents. Do not bring hamsters and other decorative rodents into the company – misfortune will happen. The Affenpinscher breed of dogs is wary of strangers, and what has been said also applies to unfamiliar children, family is the main thing in life. The slightest threat sweeps aside clumsiness and amusement – a little friend will defend the house with honor and protect the family. Loneliness is hard to bear, loses balance, it is not recommended to leave alone.

Types, StandardAffenpinscher 19

Outwardly, the dog looks compact, harmonious, shows a strong build. The body of the affenpinscher is square, the head is round, the muzzle is short. The lower jaw is slightly pushed forward, but the undershot is not noted. The dog’s muzzle is shaggy: the eyebrows cover the eyelids.
Affenpinscher refers to wire-haired dogs, the shaggy coat is rough to the touch. Does not need trimming. The fur on the face, mustache, beard: the listed above will come to the Pinscher the appearance of a monkey, where the name of the breed came from. The standard recognizes the only black color with some exceptions: with a red tan, gray hair, brown. White color, white spots are unacceptable.

  • Country: Germany;
  • height – 25-30 cm;
  • weight – 3-6 kg;
  • body – strong, muscular;
  • head – round, small;
  • life expectancy – 11-14 years;
  • group 2 pinscher

Features of Content and Physical ActivityAffenpinscher 20

Like other “toy” breeds of dogs, Affenpinschers easily learn that they treat animals condescendingly, forgive much, which makes the owners have difficulties with education. Dogs will indulgently allow their owners to spin around the “Affenpinscher Majesty”. Jealous, not loyal to small children. Have a habit of appropriating toys and food. Then they show aggression towards everyone who encroaches on “wealth.” It is better not to bring Affenpinschers to families with small children. Dogs are loyal to the rest of the family and adult children.
Affenpinschers do not tolerate loneliness, they like to stay with their family, the center of attention is their goal and comfort. They gladly accept the offer to play and arrange a small (though why waste time on trifles?) And a big mess. They perfectly understand the mood of the owner, quietly sitting on the sidelines, if the house is not up to them. Pinscher attachment can be overly intrusive, which is not always convenient.
Although Affenpinschers are more often spoiled and like to “turn on the fool”, dogs learn quickly and easily socialize in society. The process of education and training sometimes takes a long period due to the stubborn nature of the pets.
Attention is paid to the wool of Affenpinschers. It is required to periodically comb, otherwise, mats will form. Hair contact with the eyes causes irritation and deterioration of vision, in order to avoid such a nuisance, regular brushing is encouraged twice a week, at least, removing hair around the eyes by trimming. Correct combing of the pinscher makes the face look like a monkey.
The dog does not shed intensively; twice a year it will need to be carefully combed out, sometimes trimmed. It is not recommended to cut short, as it can affect the health of the dog and the condition of the coat.
Affenpinscher’s love to walk, however, they will not suffer from a canceled walk. Large loads of dogs are not required, but short walks will certainly delight the pet. Walking “demons” relies solely on a leash, they are able to bark at strangers, run away, climb into a dubious place, or chase rodents. Affenpinschers easily adapt to the schedule suggested by the owners.
Affenpinschers are mobile, there are no difficulties with appetite, dogs love to eat. Keep track of the amount of food, overeat if neglected. The monkey pinscher’s diet is not picky.
Affenpinschers often get injured – they like to climb into bushes, fences, and trees. Overcoming a one and a half meter fence will not be difficult, dogs are born climbers.

CareAffenpinscher 21

Affenpinscher means living in a city apartment or in a country house. The only rule is living directly in the living quarters, the aviary is absolutely not suitable for dogs. In order for the dog to develop well, walk with interest, equip a special playground for the pet, where a high fence will take the main place. A distinctive feature of the “little devils” – the animals are good at climbing, if possible, they strive to show off their skills.
Proper care of Affenpinscher means, first of all, taking care of the physical condition of the baby. We are talking about regular walks, accompanied by games and active pastimes. Dogs have high energy, liveliness needs to be thrown out, preferably in the form of games and jogging. They bring the dog out into society exclusively on a leash, increased distrust is manifested by constant snapping towards strangers.
Taking care of an Affenpinscher apart from taking care of your physical health is easy. It’s important to take care of your ears. It is intended to cut the wool short in the specified area. Trimming shows the body, making a smooth transition from long hair to short hair. A bald dog is not left, the standard appearance is neat shaggy. Caring for the coat, in addition to clipping, implies periodic brushing (2-3 times a week).

What to FeedAffenpinscher 22

When feeding the Affenpinscher breed, it is not necessary to worry at all, the dog is literally omnivorous. The peculiarity is explained by the increased activity of the breed. It is strictly forbidden to overfeed pets, obesity sets in quickly. When creating a diet, exclude salty foods and salt directly, the same applies to sugar with sweets. Flour products and potatoes are prohibited. In the form of meat, it is recommended to use only lean beef.
In the case of puppies, the focus is on fermented milk products, vegetables, and fruits. It is important to have a balanced diet so that your baby gets the necessary minerals and vitamins. It is recommended to add vitamins and nutrients to food for babies and adult dogs. The best cereals for feeding are buckwheat and rice, millet, semolina, and other varieties should not be given. Remember, the main foods are meat, porridge, and vegetables.

TrainingAffenpinscher 23

Training an Affenpinscher is tricky. It has nothing to do with the mental capacity of the dog, the breed is intelligent. The big difficulty is connected with the dog’s tenacity and lack of understanding of the study of commands. The main rule during training is to interest the pet, conduct training in the form of a game, periodically giving the baby rest and frolic from the heart. Affenpinscher puppies are extremely smart, if you have patience and find an approach, training will go smoothly, the commands will be clearly learned. You should not bother the dog with training if you clearly show unwillingness, it is better to choose the right time.
It is important to pronounce the commands clearly, not to be nervous if the dog performs with difficulty – he understands everything but is stubborn. After pronouncing a short wait, the dog will execute the command – from the first time, the dog’s stubbornness does not allow you to complete the task. You should not press, scold. Endurance, faith, desire, and patience are essential qualities to obtain the desired result.

Disadvantages of the BreedAffenpinscher 24

Stubborn and self-confident dogs. They are jealous of their own things and food. Breeding work is difficult to carry out, individuals are not fertile. 2-3 puppies are born in the litter, puppies have to wait a long time.
Affenpinschers, as representatives of small breeds, are often accompanied by diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Probably, it is possible to attribute to the disadvantages the property of dogs to attack everything that moves, pets simply do not pay attention to the size of a “moving target”. The property seriously complicates the walk, you will need to walk exclusively on a leash.