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What is Really In Pet Food

What is Really In Pet Food?

What do you feed your dog? You probably have a food of choice that you stick with, and that your pet has become used to, but what do you really know about it? The simple fact is that dogs – and cats and other animals – need to have a certain amount of nutrients from the right sources in their food or they will not be eating a healthy diet. This is why cheap dog foods are perhaps not the best choice. Do you feed your dog dry or wet food, and have you considered what’s right for the breed?

It’s not unusual for dog owners to be unaware that different breeds may need different types of nutrition. Also, bigger dogs need different amounts to smaller animals, and so on. In days gone by it was common for dog food makers to use the parts of the animals that we humans don’t eat, but this is less commonplace these days as we learn more about our canine friends. Fortunately, there are dog foods available that have been created with all the care and attention that goes into our own meals, so let’s talk about these.

What’s Best for Your Dog?

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What breed of dog do you have? For the purpose of this article we’re talking about a medium sized dog, the boxer. Now boxers were originally a working breed and, as such, need plenty of energy-providing nutrients in their food. If you are wondering what to feed your boxer for the best health it may be wise to read the article we’ve pointed you to. That gives you some great insight into how different ingredients help your dog enjoy the diet he or she needs to stay fit.

For example, one of the foods reviewed at that page contains the following: real meat, not dried, and no by products from animals; fatty acids, chicken meal, potato and peas, among others. This combination has been chosen to give the dog the nutrients for healthy living, but also for a healthy coat. A dog’s coat is influenced very much by what he or she eats, and even though the boxer is a short-coated dog the difference between healthy and unhealthy can easily be seen.

What is Really In Pet Food

The major problem with dog foods including real meat – in this case it is de-boned turkey – is that they cannot be kept for long. However, if you plan and buy in the right amounts you can get around this problem by only having what you need for, say, a week at a time.

If you want a dry food you have plenty of choice among the selections, and each has been created to ensure a dog gets everything needed for a healthy diet. Do these foods cost more than off the shelf standard dog foods? They do but not by as much as you may expect, but as dog lovers we are happy to pay a premium for a happy, healthy dog!

Don’t Forget Our Feline Friends!

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Many dog owners also have cats, or if you are a cat lover you may be looking for a healthier option for your cat. Cats have a notably different dietary requirement to dogs and fortunately there and many different options to feed your feline healthy and nutritious food so you may want to check those out too.

As with dogs, a cat’s health and coat will improve greatly with quality cat food, and they will get all the nutrients needed from any of the options on that list. Have a read now and see how you can give both cats and dogs an enjoyable and healthy diet right now.