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Dog Training : Dogs bring lots of joy to any owner, but they also come with a lot of responsibility. As a dog parent or owner, you should help your dog socialize with others. This is why you need to train your pet. Without proper obedience training, your dog will struggle to build connections with your family, friends, and other dogs. When dogs don’t mix well with other dogs, there could be devastating consequences.

Dog Training

Importance of Dog Training

When your dog continually disobeys you or exhibits aggressive behaviors, dealing with them can be a source of stress for you and them as well. Ensuring that your dog is properly trained is not just for their welfare but also for your peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits of dog training:

  • Better relationship between you and your dog
  • You can protect them when they’re unrestrained
  • Improves their social relationships with other people and dogs
  • Allows you to travel with them

What To Prepare Before Dog Training

Dog Training

Before you can begin training your dog, you need to be armed with tools that’ll make your sessions go a lot easier. If you’re looking for the best retractable dog leash, find out more here.

Dog Training 101

Check out the other things you need to prepare for your training sessions:

  1. Understand How They Learn

Many dog parents observe that their pets don’t want to listen to their commands. Just like humans, dogs have different ways to understand. Keep in mind that you and your dog don’t automatically understand the same language or actions.

Dogs learn through your response to their behavior. When you continue to show disdain when they do something wrong, they’ll soon realize that what they are doing is wrong and most likely won’t do it in the future. If their behavior results in a reward, they instantly remember this and do this behavior more often. You should not get frustrated with your dog if they don’t get what you want to say in one go. Just like when you’re teaching a child, training dogs requires patience.

2. Train On An Empty Stomach

The Importance Of Dog Treats When Training Your Pup 2

Letting your dog poop or empty their stomachs before beginning any training session is beneficial because you’ll need to feed them treats to reward them when they show obedience to your commands. Suppose you train them after their mealtimes, the session won’t be as effective because they’ll lose interest in the reward that you’ll give them. It’s best to include dog training in their daily schedule. Training Your Dog, make sure your dog keeps a schedule also helps you evaluate the best time to start their training sessions, whether you do it on your own or decide to join a training class.

3. Give Them A Little Playtime Before Training

Online Dog TrainingWhen your dog has high energy levels, there’s a chance you can’t train them properly during your sessions. When dog training, your dog must be as calm as possible to understand your commands. If you have a very energetic dog, it’s a great idea to give them a little playtime or physical activity to tone down their energy before training starts. A simple walk to the park or visiting a dog park lets them burn a portion of that stored energy. It’s also a great idea to let them join you in your morning run or hike so you can spend time together and build that connection needed in training.

4.Prepare Your Tools

How to Train Your Dog to interact with others and Mind Their Manners 1

There are a couple of things you need to prepare before you begin any training sessions. Here are some of the things you should have on hand:

    • Collar and Leash

Having a collar and leash is crucial during your dog training sessions. Without these items, it’ll be harder to control your dog and make them learn the command. You can ask expert dog trainers for the right collar and leash for your dog.

    • Target Stick

You can use a target stick for teaching basic behaviors like walking calmly or complex tricks like bowing. There are different target sticks in the market today, and they vary from a simple stick to something fancier, like the ones that have clickers or a serving spoon for treats.

    • Barriers

Barriers are useful tools if you’re doing house training or chewing management. If you want to keep your dog in a certain area while training, a barrier is a must-have equipment.

5.Pack On The Treats For Rewards

The Importance Of Dog Treats When Training Your Pup 4

Dog training involves a reward system where you use treats as their prize for following commands or good behavior. You can buy dog treats from your local pet shop or follow homemade dog recipes to make some. Rewards are helpful in keeping your dog interested and motivated throughout the session. Make sure you have enough supply of their favorites.


Dog training is essential if you want to change unwanted behaviors in your pet. A well-trained dog provides many benefits, not just for the dog themselves but also for their owners. If you want to do the training yourself, you need to make preparations and understand how to give out commands effectively. After preparing all the essential tools and information you need, you should also have a lot of patience and perseverance to become successful in your training.




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