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There’s more to pet parent gifts than just buying a treat jar. Keep reading for personalized pet gift: 7 best gift ideas for pet parents. Pets form a vital part of our lives. They are part of our family and loved by millions of people around the world. In fact, 67% of families in the US have at least one pet.

Personalized Pet GiftIt’s not surprising therefore that the pet gift market is such a lucrative one. The pet care industry was worth over $72 billion in 2018 and that number is only growing as we move into 2020.

Personalized pet gift

Are you a pet parent wondering what to buy your extended family member this Christmas? Perhaps your bestie is a proud pet mommy and you want to show you care by buying their fur baby the perfect Christmas present. Well, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to find the perfect personalized pet gift for this holiday season.

  1. A Personalized Pet Tote BagPersonalized Pet Gift: 7 Best Gift Ideas for Pet Parents 13Personalized Pet Gift: 7 Best Gift Ideas for Pet Parents 14

A tote bag is a great gift idea. Not only are they thoughtful, but also they come with many different uses. Heading to the shops for a few supplies? Grab your tote bag. Heading to the office and need to pack a lunch? Pick up that tote bag and off you go.

By taking a versatile gift like a tote bag and customizing it for a pet parent you are making it one of the best gifts for pet owners.

  1. Canvas Prints of Your Pet Parent’s Fur Baby

For those pet parents that really love their pets then getting a custom pet canvas created could be the ultimate personalized pet gift to send. A decoration or home of office, it is a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that can be treasured forever.

Whether you are shopping for dog parents or gifts for people who love cats, a canvas is a highly personal and hight appreciated way to go.

  1. Coffee/Tea Mugsmug-best-labrador-lab-mom-ever

Who doesn’t like a good cup of tea or coffee in the mornings? Pet owners would be delighted to get a personalized tea or coffee mug, maybe even a travel mug emblazoned with the pet’s image to help keep them close to owners that need to travel often.

Arguably one of the best gifts for people who love cats, a personalized coffee mug will help pet parents wake with a smile.

  1. Personalized Key Chains

Not every gift needs to be a large statement-making affair. Some gifts are small and just as valuable to the recipient. A personalized pet key chain is a great token gift that can be given at any time of the year. It can be used to say anything from, I love you, I’m here for you, or even I’m sorry.

As with any personalized pet gift, there are a lot of different customization options from images to names and combinations or both, which means you can really make the gift perfect for the occasion.

  1. Healing Candles

Much in the way you never stop being a parent, you never stop being a pet parent. Just because someone’s fur baby has crossed the rainbow bridge it doesn’t mean that they are forgotten.

Healing candles burn away to reveal a crystal stone along with a message from the departed fur baby. A wonderful gift for pet owners who know the pain of loss, and one that gives far more than may first appear.

  1. Pet Branded T-ShirtsPersonalized Pet Gift: 7 Best Gift Ideas for Pet Parents 15Personalized Pet Gift: 7 Best Gift Ideas for Pet Parents 16

Everybody loves a t-shirt. Whether you go for long-sleeves, fitted or baggy, there are so many different options you can choose from, and whichever one you settle on, you can be sure it will be well received.

From an animal-themed design to a fully personalized shirt for your closest dog parents, nothing says animal lover more than a cool t-shirt.

Of course, you don’t need to stop there. There are plenty of companies around that can custom design any item of clothing, allowing you to create entire outfits and an endless line of gifts for pet owners.

  1. Pet First Aid KitPersonalized Pet Gift: 7 Best Gift Ideas for Pet Parents 17Personalized Pet Gift: 7 Best Gift Ideas for Pet Parents 18

Not only a practical idea but one that is incredibly thoughtful. A pet first aid kit is the sort of gift that tells the recipient that you love and care for them and their fur baby. It also has the added layer of giving them ongoing comfort knowing that should anything to their baby, they will be able to do something about it.

You would be forgiven for thinking this was a gimmicky gift, but it is far from the case. A pet first aid kit comes complete with bandages and all of the tools that you would find in a regular kit for any human.

Animals get sick or get into scrapes just like us, and any loving pet owner would be delighted to have a piece of kit like this in their possession.

The Best Personalised Pet Gift Comes From the Heartlabrador-bath-slippers

Buying a gift for someone is always a very personal and private act. The gift can be anything, but the meaning behind it can be far greater. That is what makes the act of gift-giving so special.

So while the above-listed items are great options, only you know the truly perfect personalized pet gift that will make your pet parent beam. So don’t overthink it. You know the best present because it is the one that speaks to you as much as it speaks to the person you are giving it to.

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