About Natural Pet food: Most pet owners are always confronted with the challenge of selecting the right food for your pet. Besides, the type and quality of food you feed your furry companions with have a significant impact on their well-being and behavioural patterns. Be it as it may, the market is filled with myriads of products from various brands that cut across both pure vegetarian and all-meat options. This makes the selection process dizzying and hectic. Although the classically processed packaged foods are popularly sought after, new generational pet owners are switching to minimally processed natural products- natural pet food

About Natural Pet food

The natural pet food segment is gradually dominating the major pet food trends, as observed in Global Pet Expo 2017. This trend is expected to have significant growth of 9.08% CAGR from 2017 to 2021, a forecast analysed by the Technavio analysts in their Organic Pet Food Market report. In the coming years, we will witness the natural pet food segment greatly contributing to the healthy growth of the global pet food industry. Pet owners are gradually waking up to side-effects that accompany the colourings, preservatives, and other chemicals present in the processed pet foods.

Factors To Note About Advent Of The Natural Pet Food Segment


One major factor that is being acknowledged in the growth of natural pet food segment is the humanization of pets. Gone are those days when pets were treated as “animals”. Currently, most pet owners have incorporated their pets into the family system, making it one of theirs. These individuals champion and stand by the belief system that their pets get the same benefits they enjoy. Hence, they are keen on the quality of food their furry babies eat. Rather than feeding them with conventionally processed pet food, they go for healthier options like natural and caters-grade pet food. The latter is fortified with nutritional values that leave their pets strong, healthy, and mentally balanced. Most natural pet food manufacturers are beginning to closely monitor their entire food manufacturing processes to provide optimum food quality.


For pet food to be classified as natural, it must comply with the regulatory meaning of the term “natural”. Although the definition of this term varies from one country to another, one regulatory agency to another, and one demographic to another, it does not change the nutritional ingredients that are present in foods of this category. A typical natural pet food comprises vegetables, meat, dairy products, fruits, and other natural ingredients. It is also void of heavily processed ingredients like refined grains, fibre sources, animal byproducts, and chemical preservatives.

What Makes Natural Pet Food Expensive?

As compared to human food, natural pet food options are more expensive than their counterparts – processed pet food products. Some times, pet owners ponder over the essence of purchasing natural pet food for their four-legged companion’s optimal health and mental wellness. Outwardly, the nutritional values offered by both the natural pet food and conventional pet food may not be too different. However, the latter is well stocked with diseased tissues, animal byproducts, and gluten that are detrimental to the health of your pets. Other harmful ingredients like colourings, artificial flavours, pesticides, and preservatives may result in discomfort, allergies, and illnesses. On the other hand, natural pet food contains ingredients that are not synthesized and are free from toxins and additives.

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