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Winning the affection of a cat that’s ignoring you can sometimes feel like a futile task. Unlike dogs, not all cats are doting creatures. Even if you’ve gotten them the best treats, foods, and toys, they may not reciprocate the way you want them to.Despite your magnanimity to your cat, your cat can still ignore you and give you the bad finger. Why will my cat ignore me? Your cat  is not rude  or spiteful, or ignoring you; they just don’t feel like hanging out right now. Your cat may also be unresponsive to your demonstrations of affection because they are on edge.

My Cat Ignore Me

#1 Learn to Communicate with Them

It’s possible that your cat isn’t ignoring you but communicating with you in its own way. Not all cats vocalize their emotions and needs. This is because cats weren’t bred or trained over generations to respond to humans like dogs.

If you talk to you your cat and it turns its head or moves its ears, then it can hear you. It may not respond immediately unless motivated to do so. However, if your cat follows you, blinks its eyes slowly at you, or raises its tail high in the air when it sees you, then it’s showing affection in its own way. Learn your cat’s cues and follow them to communicate more effectively.

#2 Share Your BedWhy Does My Cat Ignore Me? 1

A good way to bond with your feline friend is to share your bed with them. Cats can feel especially vulnerable at night. On your bed, they can find the warmth, love, and security they need to develop a connection with their favourite human being.

If your cat is resisting the temptation to sleep with you at night, then try the following tips:

  • Play with your cat during the day so it feels less energetic at night
  • Cats like to sleep after a sizable dinner, so feed them right before bedtime
  • Leave their favourite treat on the bed to invite them in and then gently stroke their fur to help them settle in.

Some people hesitate to sleep with their cats at night because they’re worried about their furniture. That’s why many invest in cost-effective solutions like the PawPad® bed cover for cat hair in order to sleep with their feline friends without the mess. Not only is this bed cover lightweight, versatile, absorbent, waterproof, machine washable and dryer safe, but it controls some of the ‘gifts’ your cat may leave behind at night such as odour or light incontinence.

#3 Give Them SpaceWhy Does My Cat Ignore Me? 2

Your cat may be ignoring you because it’s simply not in the mood to socialize. Forcing a cat that needs space to interact with you can be counterproductive as it may increase their anxiety. An anxious cat may scratch or eliminate in inappropriate places. They may suffer from constipation, diarrhea, urinate outside the litter box, lose appetite, hide, grow aggressive, or groom excessively and leave bald spots on their fur.

If your cat has been observing you from a distance, hiding, or showing other signs of anti-social behaviour, then respect their need for space. Try designating a safe area for your cat where no one in the household is allowed to touch them. Place their favourite treats, toys, and comforts nearby to help them feel at home.Why Does My Cat Ignore Me? 3

Cats love climbing and feel safest in elevated positions. Consider getting your cat a cat tree, cat shelves or let them rest on your bookshelves or fridge. By spending more time observing you from a high position, your cat will feel more comfortable spending time close to you.

There are several ways to get more attention from a cat that ignores you. The key is to understand their language and to exercise patience.Your cat is talking to you. Listen carefully and you will understand what your cat is telling you.




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