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buying cat chew toysEvery cat parent needs to makes sure that his/her feline friend has good oral health. One of the best ones to make sure of this is by buying cat chew toys. These magnificent toys not only improve the quality of their teeth, but they are also fun to play with. Since cats can’t brush their teeth, it is your responsibility to choose the best cat chew toys for your pet. Stick around to find out more!

Cat chew toy should have a few important features. Find below  what to consider when buying a chew toy for your cat:

  • Durability. Cat chew toy has to be tough enough to make impact on your kitty’s teeth. Look for chew toys made from durable materials with strong stitching or hidden seams.
  • Design. Design is important. Your cat may not care but you should.
  • Cat-friendly features. Ensure it is cat friendly as this  will encourage your cat to play or keep her interested longer, such as rattles,  having catnip etc
  • Dental health properties. Cat chew is  specifically designed to remove as much tartar as possible, which is good news if kitty’s teeth need sprucing up.
  • Others . There are other play possibilities that you should consider

Top 4 cat chew toys!

Right now, you will read a very interesting list composed of the top 4 cats chew toys in the market. Make sure to study their characteristics to determine which is ideal for your cat.

  • HDP Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls

The best cat chew toys on the market today 17The best cat chew toys on the market today 18These are incredible catnip rolls that will keep your cat entertained for hours without making any noise. These toys are made with soft and quiet material which makes them a great toy for all-day use. 


  1. Excellent shape for biting
  2. Soft enough to chew on non-stop 
  3. Very quiet toy


  1. Past reviews have said that the ends of the rolls are a bit sharp 
  2. Not advisable for aggressive chewers
  1. KONG Wubba Mouse Cat ToyThe best cat chew toys on the market today 19The best cat chew toys on the market today 20

This toy has a very different shape from most toys. This is a result of its very unique design that can tickle and activate your feline’s instinct like stalking or preying. Furthermore, this toy has a rattle inside it! You will notice how your cat will be greatly interested. 


  1. Stimulates a cat’s touch, smell, sight, and hearing 
  2. Rattle for naughty cats 
  3. It has a guarantee 
  4. Filled with catnip


  1. You can’t refill it 
  2. You can’t choose the colors
  1.   Petstages Catnip Chew MiceThe best cat chew toys on the market today 21The best cat chew toys on the market today 22

This is another interesting shaped toy! It has the shape of very colorful mice that will attract a cat’s attention. For a toy, it is lightweight, so don’t expect any problems when it comes to carrying it around. Also, this toy has a netting that will help remove soft tartar from your cat’s teeth. It is also filled with catnip. 


  1. Very lightweight 
  2. Colorful and funny shaped to attract your cat’s attention
  3. Excellent dental toy 


  1. This toy’s size was reduced and is now smaller 
  2. Some cats just aren’t interested in them
  1.   Petstages Dental Kitty Chew WheelThe best cat chew toys on the market today 23The best cat chew toys on the market today 24

This toy has a bright and colorful design that will entertain cats for hours. It is made up of a ring along with chewy spikes and fabric steamers. 


  1. Removes plaque and tartar 
  2. Made of high-quality materials
  3. Fun to play with


  1. Reviews have stated that some cats were able to chew off sections 
  2. Some ribbons are not soft

Final thoughts

Consider these toys for your cat. Make sure that you choose the best one! Once you have done that, you will notice how your cat’s dental health will begin to improve. Don’t wait any longer.



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