When you first get a new dog, it can be very exciting. Of course, it isn’t always easy connecting with a new dog right away, especially if you have recently lost another dog and are still broken up about that. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can increase the connection with your dog and get to know each other a bit better over a shorter period of time.

Connecting With A New Dog

Here, we are going to give you some of our tips to help you achieve that. This will include everything from using photos to spending lots of time together. Keep reading if you are hoping to pick up some tips based on experience of several years .

Spend As Much Time As Possible Together

One of the best pieces of advice that we could give new dog owners is to spend as much time together as possible. If you are getting a puppy, it is often advised that you stay at home with them for a few weeks so that they can get settled and you can get to know each other. It is important that you don’t get a dog and then spend most of the time out of the house. This is not the way to connect with them so try to spend as much time together as possible to build a bond.


Use PhotosConnecting With A New Dog

The next tip that we have for those who want to connect with their new dog is to use photos as much as you can. Take some photos of your dog, keep them on your phone or post them online to share with others. If you have some photos that you can look at when you are not around your dog, you’ll become much more familiar with them. If you want, you can even get a photo of your dog printed onto a blanket to have them close to you. Check out Woof Blankets if this is something that interests you.



Use Treats

Everyone knows that dogs love treats and will do a lot of things to get them. This is why you should consider using treats to help you connect with your new dog and show them that you love them. If you are the person who treats them when they do something right, they’ll start to love you and want to do what you tell them to. Make sure that you are buying treats that are healthy and not making your dog sick just to try and connect with them.


Be Patient

Our final tip for those who want to connect with their new dog is to make sure that you are being patient. Your dog isn’t always going to connect with you overnight, you need to build a relationship and they need you to earn their trust. You also might not connect with your dog right away and you need to understand that this is normal. As long as you are patient, you should be able to get there in the end.

Final Verdict

Connecting with your new dog is a process so you should make sure that you are following the advice that we have given you in this article. Think about how you can spend as much time as possible with your dog by possibly taking some time off work and making sure that you are around. You should also try to use treats when you can to teach them good habits. Make sure to try out some of our tips and hopefully, you’ll be connected with your new dog in no time at all.


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