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There are a number of different ways you can pay tribute to your “man’s best friend”. Whether he/ she is alive and healthy with you or has unfortunately passed away. Some of the The 100 cutest paw print tattoos are described here as you can read and select from them:According to Forbes, pet owners are spending whopping 75 Billion on Tattoos. 

Tattoos on Neck and Shoulders: 

The 100 cutest paw print tattoos

1)     A pair of paws, in black or shades of grey at an angle that it looks like a dog left a mark of his front paws on the owner’s neck or shoulder

2)     A similar and smaller pair could me made being the ears (on either or both sides), it looks classy on females with a high ponytail

3)     You could show 4 or 6 small prints of paws at the back of your neck, black or any color of your choice

4)     A face of dog outline on the neck with 4 paws

5)     The face of you dog in the middle of your neck, with a necklace of small tattooed paw prints coming right around your neck, looks like a necklace

6)     A single paw print right in the middle of your back a little below the neck, looks classy with a high bun and deep back neckline.

7)     Fist size paw tattoo filled with the color and shading with angle wings on the side, you can also have your dog’s name tattooed with it.

8)     The paw prints with 3D effect of it scratching you neck or shoulders, and even middle of your back

husky tattoo back

9)     A Peace sign- (ying yang sign) showing paw prints instead of the dots, looks good on the back of shoulder

10)  In the front shoulder, upper chest side, you can have a paw tattoo showing your dog features, eyes, nose, mouth and ears through the paw window.

On Arms, hands and Wrists

11)  Heart shaped blank in the palm of the paw looks amazing on the wrist

12)  A single fist size tattoo of paw design that would be filled with the splash of colors you desire, it looks amazing on your upper arm

13)  Two smaller ones with similar design looks great as well.

14)  A few paws tattooed on your arm to show walking up from your wrist or elbow up to your arm

Mastiff Tattoo leg design

15)  Dog paw with filling of the flag to indicate the nationality

16)  a paw as a part of a heart on your wrist looks small n elegant

17)  The clock design that matches the time of your concern with date on the paws’ toes to show death anniversary of dog (if it has unfortunately passed away)

18)  The paws of the dog tattooed in a row, with each having the letters of the name of the dog, if the name is short and sweet, it looks good on the upper arm or around the wrist

19)  4-6 small paws, preferably black but could be any color/shade to show a little walk up from you wrist to your mid arm, or visa versa

20)  Paws on palm, empty, black or colored with dog’s name written on finger sections.

On Legs and Thighs

100-cutest-paw-print-tattoos-world French Bulldog tattoo miniature

21)  A paw design of your dog filled in with the picture of your dog that is only inside the paw design looks great on thigh right above knee on the side

22)  If you have more than one dog you can use differences like their real paw prints, pictures on their shape of paw, or even nationality to indicate them and of course their names as well.

23)  Black paws on legs with a splash of color on the background

24)  Paws going up from your feet circling around towards the inner thigh with some designing on the side looks perfect

25)  The real picture of the claw tattooed on your leg

feet dachshund tattoo women

26)  A big paw design on your feet with little ones coming up and around your leg

27)  The 4 paw signs on back of both legs shows you love for dogs even if the tattoos are small

28)  Having a tattoo of the paw with design and date of death with a R.I.P sign on it.

29)  Angle wings on the sides of the paw, near the thigh or upper leg, showing how much it is missed

30)   If you have more dogs, you can have that many pairs on your legs and differentiate it through size, and shape and color of the dog

On Ankles and Feet

31)  Two paw designs, each on the ankle, right paw on right ankle and left paw on left.

32)  A pair or 2 pairs of tattoos, filled with jet black color on their ankles.

33)  A few paws crawling up from the side of the ankle looks very classy

34)  Top of the feet have paw signs, as if the dog was standing on your feet

35)  The same concept with dog facing you

36)  Paws moving around the feet like an anklet

37)  Small paws under each toe, 5 paws according to toe size

38)  Feet having the paw shape and blank outline of the side face of your dog.

39)  Feet having small and different sizes of paws all combining to form a heart shape, on feet it would look great and ankle as well

40)  The paw shape filled with a Mandala flower design also looks very elegant, giving it an eastern touch.

General Designs

dachshund tattoo angel

41)  A pattern design of your favorite flower, the middle part of it contains the paw design

42)  A simple yet complicated design would have a paw design that has shades of black with a color you desire, could be blue or green or pink.

43)  The paw design covered from all sides with roses of your choice of colors

44)  Two paws the right and left one with text that expresses how much you miss your dog.

45)  The paw design that has a heart shape for palm with inside design of rose and the 4 claws in shape of leaves.

46)  The dog’s name written on the foreground at the claw is in the background and a ribbon with RIP on it.

47)  Two paws with outlines and colors pink or blue, indicating the gender of the dog.

48)  The paw design with the color/ design of the flag to indicate where was the dog from originally.

dachshund tattoo love doxie

49)  Paw design on the foot covered with fur sketched around it.

50)  A heart-touching statement to show love for your dog.

51)  Palm having a design of your pets paws, empty, with just outline, name of your dog written on fingers. 

52)  Colored two paw prints two of them with initials of the dog(s)

53)  Black and furry style paw tattoo with the 3D effect of the furr on sides

54)  Flower themed tattoos look good on hands especially arms

55)  Different colored roses look good around one pawblack pup labrador tattoo

56)  Paw tattoos with palm indicating a time and claws indicating a date

57)  Angel wings are also popular on the sides of the paw

58)  Give more effect on the paw with 3D art of scratching

59)  Use GUESS as the logo design for your tattoo G on paw and G.U.E.S.S, each letter between claws

60)  Use the Louis Vuitton’s logo, keep it blank on the palm of the paw shape

61)  Same way you can use the Michael Kors Logo design

62)  The X-Box logo would also look cool in the palm

63)  If you are fond of brands you can use multiple ones on claws and palm of your moderately sized tattoo

64)  And even have specific ones for specific places like Nike one at foot-side

65)  Similarly Puma would also look awesome at foot or even shoulder

66)  If you are fond of Apple products, you can use that as the logo on your paw-tattoo

67)  Those who are fond of cars can also use the Ferrari logo

68)  The Mercedes-Benz logo would be great on the paw

69)  Those who are crazy for Starbucks can used that logo too, it would look very unique

70)  If you have an all-time favorite actor, having his picture printed on the paw shaped tattoo is amazing idea

women dachshund tattoo color

71)  Even having paws crawling around the picture print of your favorite actor would look outstanding.

72)  Paw tattoo with a unique difference would be like having an abstract design on it

73)  Another one with an abstract yet geometrical filling would look awesome too.

74)  The same could be filled with colors of personal choice as well

75)  Lifeline design that shows heart at one end and paw sign at the other end to show connectivity

76)  Your footprint with the paw print of your dog

77)  Branch of a tree, or a plant having paws instead of flowers.

78)  A shape or the picture of the face of dog with two (or four) paws on each side

79)  A paw for each dog you have. With the name engraved around it

80)  Heart shape with all the paws of the dogs you have or you ever had.

81)  Paw tattoo with the initial of your name or your dog’s name in the fore ground.

82)  A paw tattoo and another one inside it. First one cud be empty and 2nd one could be black

labrador dogs tattoo desings

83)  The same with bigger one filled with black color and inside one be white

84)  A paw tattoo with a message written in it for the love you have for your pet

85)  A mouth print on the palm of the paw tattoo with heart shape on any one toe.

86)  An infinity sign with paws at one side and heart at the other side

87)  A paw print with abstract geometric design in the palm and color filled toes of the paws

88)  A paw print in the middle of a garland, that could be an O shaped one or a U shaped one

89)  The prints of your dogs with the color of their fur and their names mentions below

90)  Paw print with a splash of rainbow colors, very intense throw of colors on the background of the Paw print

tattoo labrador shoulder

91)  3D paw print embossed with name of the dog

92)  3D paw print showing scratch marks from the claws

93)  A print of the paw with an eye in the palm and toes are black or shaded

94)  Print of paw with your hand or foot print and of any other pet(s) you own

95)  Print of paw of a dog who has passed away with a message to show you still care.

96)  3D print of the paw showing the depth the paw has left behind.

97)  A few paws,6 or 8, as if to show a dog walking and ending with its backside shadow

98)  Heart with Love Cali-graphed on it with a paw

99)  A paw tattoo with initials, date and R.I.P sign on it

100)  Two bigger paw tattoo with some small paw tattoos to show the mommy, daddy and the pups, arrange it however you prefer.



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