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Raising dogs can make people delighted and happy. However, it does not mean that you will always live comfortably with your pet, because keeping dogs healthy is not easy, especially those who are picky individuals.Automatic Dog Feeder will help make the task easier.

automatic dog feeder

Fortunately, there are many ways you can assist in this. If you are interested, you can find some tips on how to satisfy your dog’s appetite with an automatic dog feeder in this article. Automatic dog feeders not only help you take care of your pet but also allow you to track the behavior of the animal when you are away from home.

Rest assured that these useful guides will not take you too much time.

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When do you need an automatic feeder for your pet?

Knowing why your dog refuses to eat will help in finding the right solution. There are many reasons causing the loss of appetite in canines, including illness. Therefore, if that is the case, using an automatic feeder to improve your dog’s appetite would be unreasonable and wasteful since he definitely won’t use it.

If your picky dog ​​is in the following conditions, it is a good idea to invest in an automatic dog feeder.How to Satisfy Your Dog's Appetite with an Automatic Dog Feeder 1

  • Your dog is perfectly healthy.
  • He eats less after you change the type of food.
  • Your pet’s eating schedule is variable.
  • You change his living environment.
  • You have more than one dog.
  • Your pet is obese.

On the contrary, there are several other reasons for picky dogs that cannot be solved by automatic dog feeders.


He may be infected with several diseases related to cancer, liver problems, pain, various systemic infections, kidney failure, and dental disease, etc., leading to anorexia.

Vaccinationautomatic dog feederHow to Satisfy Your Dog's Appetite with an Automatic Dog Feeder 2

In case your dog has just been vaccinated, it is perfectly normal if he stops eating. You can be assured that he will eat regularly again after 1-2 weeks.

Remember that loss of appetite in dogs can be a sign of a weakened pet’s health. If your dog is sick, seek veterinary care for him, and change your dog’s eating habits.

Benefits of automatic feeders for picky dogs

Firstly, the automatic feeder will provide your dog with an adequate amount of food he needs during the day. Thanks to that, he won’t feel hungry due to the lack of food.

Secondly, your dog can avoid some digestive problems caused by erratic eating habits. That is, you can set his mealtime on the machine.

Thirdly, your pet will not get bored if you go out for the whole day. And you can track him easily if the automatic feeder has a camera.

And finally, you will save a lot of time and effort with an automatic dog feeder because almost everything is automatic.

How should you choose automatic feeders?

Sturdy designautomatic dog feeder

Picky dogs will usually not be keen on the food provided by the automatic feeder. However, once they no longer refuse to eat it, they may ask for more than what you set for them.

Therefore, the first thing you need in a good automatic dog feeder is the sturdy design. It will prevent these animals from trying to tip the machine over to gain abundant food inside.

Easy programming

What if you bought an automatic dog feeder, but it didn’t allow you to program what suits your dog the best? Make sure you give it a try before purchasing so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort figuring out how to get it working.

An easy-to-clean hopper and bowl

The automatic feeder is handy, clean, and automatic, but it doesn’t mean that you just need to pour dog food to the hopper and program your dog’s meals. To ensure the health of your pet, you should regularly clean the feeder, especially the food container and the bowl.

The ability to adjust portion sizes and schedule multiple meals

Typically, some automatic dog feeders work fairly simply, providing dogs with two meals a day with the same amount of food.

However, each dog will have different dietary needs, including mealtime, portion size, and the number of meals. Some sick dogs also need a more special diet, ie, to break down their food intake into several meals throughout the day.

That’s why these features are essentials when it comes to choosing an automatic dog feeder for your pet. It will help him to set up a more regular eating schedule, ensuring his health more.

Reasonable price

The truth is that at any price, you can choose a good automatic dog feeder with the features we have just mentioned above. However, if you want a budget option, try these items for around $40.

For more choices of the best automatic dog feeder, you may check out here.

Tips for training your dog using automatic feedersHow to Satisfy Your Dog's Appetite with an Automatic Dog Feeder 3How to Satisfy Your Dog's Appetite with an Automatic Dog Feeder 4

You can read a lot about how to instruct dogs to use an automatic feeder. However, the only thing you need to do here is to be patient. Your dog may be indifferent at first, but he will get used to its presence and will no longer reject it later.

Fortunately, there are many smart products available today that feature many capabilities making this familiarization process successful from the first try.

Initially, feed him in the bowl of the automatic feeder. After a few times, start letting it work automatically and encourage your pet to eat so he won’t be scared and run away. Remember to install a sound so that later, your dog will understand that it is the signal for his mealtime. If possible, record your voice to make it easier.

Final thought

Automatic dog feeders are a useful tool to keep your pet happy and healthy. You may hesitate that he will not want to use it, but the truth is that his appetite can be improved gradually. If our guides work for your dog, then give us a thumbs-up. We’re willing to help if you have any further problems.




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