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Pet carriers do come in handy for pet owners who intend taking theirs on a  trip. It does not matter if you are taking your dog or cat to the vet or on a long road trip, a pet carrier is a perfect choice. They provide security, comfort, and ease of transport for your pet. Choosing a pet carrier can be a bit of a challenge because they come in different designs and styles in the market.

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The most important thing to note as you begin your search for a pet carrier is that it should make your pet feel very comfortable. Here are six tips that should help you make the best choice for your pet carrier:

What are the parameters to consider before choosing a pet carrier?

There are five parameters you should consider before you choose a pet. These parameters include design and quality, size, airline requirements, stability, and safety as well as the temperament of your pet.

What are the types of pet carriers?Pet carriers6 tips on choosing pet carriers 26

Knowing the types of pet carriers should go a long way in helping you make the right choice. There are three pet carrier types. They include soft carriers, cardboard carriers, and hard carriers.

  1. Hard carriers

This is made of durable polypropylene and it is usually properly ventilated. Such carriers are quite easier to clean and they usually just need to be rinsed. They are ideal for small dogs and big cats.

  1. Soft carriers

These carrier types are known for their hard bottom and soft nylon fabric which are quite durable. Also, these bags have proper ventilation on the sides with zippers on both sides of it. Some of the time they come with shoulder straps that are known to be ideal for easy transport and are also quite easy to carry around.

  1. Cardboard Carriers

Cardboard carriers are made from cardboard boxes. They are usually ideal for short trips and can be quite prone to damage with time.

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Tips to consider

Here are six practical tips that should help you choose:

  • Stability and safety

In making a choice of carrier for your pet, you must consider the support structure.  Your choice of a carrier should be able to give your pet support as well as a stable interior. In addition to this, the fasteners should be secured enough to prevent your pet from escaping. You can confirm the stability of the carrier by making sure that the structural pressure points are well reinforced. You should also make sure that it is leveled and balanced. In addition to this, you must ensure that the materials used in making the carrier are safe for your pet and you.

  • Design and quality6 tips on choosing pet carriers 296 tips on choosing pet carriers 30

Checking the design and quality of your proposed carrier is important and this is especially so if you intend taking your pet on a long journey. A good carrier could prove to be quite expensive, however, the long term benefits will always outweigh the cost. In terms of the design, look out for openings on the mesh and top panels for proper ventilation. You should also consider other features such as pockets for toys and foods. Your choice of outer  material is important as some people prefer carriers  made of durable polypropylene to others. It is your call.

  • Pet size

You need to consider the size of your pet when choosing a pet carrier because it has to be the ideal fit for your pet. You should also factor in the age of your pet. Also, if you have a baby pet, you may want to buy a carrier that has a larger space so that it can accommodate it when it grows up.  This should help you save cost as you use it for a long period. When considering size, it is ideal that you consider if it would fit your pet when it is standing fully.

  • Airline acceptability6 tips on choosing pet carriers 31

One of the unique benefits of a pet carrier is that it exempts you from having to register your pet in a boarding facility whenever you want to travel. With it, you can take your pet along with you on holiday. However, you must purchase a dog carrier that will be accepted by the intended airline. When you are about buying one, make sure it satisfies the requirements of your airline and this is usually contained in their websites.

  • quality6 tips on choosing pet carriers 32

Pets like dogs are known to easily escape from low-quality dog-carriers. This can be quite embarrassing especially if you are at the airport. You will certainly be at ease when you know that the carrier you are using is of the right quality. When choosing, make sure you go for a carrier that is hard on the exterior and quite soft within. Also, make sure that you confirm the security features such as the locks and clasps to be sure it cannot be undone in transit.

  • price6 tips on choosing pet carriers 33

Having considered the entire tips outlined above, the final thing you need to consider is the cost of your proposed carrier. This does not, however, mean that you should compromise quality for cost. There are quite several affordable pet carriers out there whose quality is guaranteed.

Final word

We believe the tips outlined in this article should adequately guide you to choose the right pet carrier. Always consider the quality, design, comfort, and price among other things before making your choice.