Don’t let your dog become stout and very lazy dog, lack of fitness routine can affect the mental and physical well being of the animal. There are several simple forms of exercises you can choose for the dog to make her fit and also spend quality time with her for proper bonding.

Perhaps the ideal fitness routine should start from the proper diet which is enriched with protein and vitamin and fewer carbs, then you should consider taking the dog for proper medical checkup to be sure that she can handle low to moderate fitness exercises.

Brisk Walking

If you are looking for how to get fit with your dog when you have little or no time, then you should consider a 15 to 20-minute brisk walking with the dog. Walking perhaps is the simplest way to exercise with your dog because brisk walking benefits both humans and animals when it comes to fitness. You can set aside an early morning or late evening routine walk with the dog. On weekends, you can add a twist to the exercise by taking the dog for hiking or take her to meet a friend or neighbor. Brisk walking can be the best possible way to help your dog get rid of extra fat.

The Flyball Exercise

When it comes to agility fitness, flyball activities is one of the best fun-filled activities that can keep the dog fit. Flyball is particularly most suited for energetic, athletic and outdoor dog breeds. You may want to enroll your dog in a dog race competition or simply throw a ball into the air and let your dog jump and catch it. Flyball exercise will surely increase the speed of the dog while exercising its legs for agility.

The Dog Boot Camp

The Dog Boot Camp is an amazing opportunity to make your dog get fit and at the same time become sociable with other animals. The typical boot camp will train the dog in fitness and obedience training activities. The Bootcamp will be the perfect way to start if you have not exercised your dog in a very long time. The camp may last from several days to several weeks, depending on the organizers. The pooch will get a daily workout routine and learn some behavioral activities such as proper eating behavior. There are lots of hidden object games that are played in the boot camp to stimulate your dog’s sense of reasoning. As the owner, it is your priority to provide for every need of your pet while she stays in the boot camp.

Swimming and Surfing

Most dogs are usually skeptical about water, but with your presence and proper guidance and swimming training, your dog will get used to water activities. Perhaps the ideal place to start is to take the dog to the beach, especially during the warm summer period. Let her feet touch the water before you introduce her entire body into a clean swimming pool. Once you train the pooch to swim, you can let her into the pool without your assistance and offer some treat as a form of encouragement. You can support the dog’s swimming skills by throwing a floating paddle or tube to assist her from drowning or to rest on when she is tired. Swimming is one exercise that will bring out the rescuing skills of your dog especially when you throw an object into the water and ask her to fetch it. You might never know when your dog will rescue someone from drowning in water.  Surfing exercises should come after swimming. You can surf on dryland or use a surfboard to surf with your dog occasionally. At this level, your dog must have attained some level of confidence in order to surf onboard with you, but never allow your pooch to surf alone, that could be dangerous especially in rough waters.

Maintain Proper Diet

Feeding your dog proper diet perhaps is the most important step you must take if you don’t want the dog to lose all the fitness gains from other fitness routines. Obesity in dogs is normally caused by their human owners.

You need to give your dog a proper diet which iswell-balanced with the right proportion of nutrients. Experts suggest that the typical diet should contain less than 20% carbs, and at least 40% protein.


Dedication to a fitness routine is the key to getting your dog fit, hence you need to learn to stick with the time table for the type of fitness exercise you should. You should consider switching between one fitness activity and the other so that the animal wouldn’t get bored with the repetition of some fitness activity. Don’t give your dog too many treats especially those containing much sugar and fat, they could be the reason why your dog is struggling to lose excess weight and keeping fit.




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