Greyhound racing is well ordered, merciless sport in which greyhounds are competed around the tracks. There are two forms of this competition; track racing which occurs normally around a circular track and another one is coursing. Track running uses a forced tempt presently based on a windsock which moves before the dogs on tracks till the greyhounds cross the final line. Public bet on the outcome as among with horse racing, greyhounds compete. In many nations, this racing is purely non-professional and done just for enjoyment. In other nations, like Australia, Ireland, Macau, Spain, U.K., and the USA, this game is mostly the part of or gambling industry as like as horse racing.

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Animal rights and welfare groups are serious for protection of greyhounds in trade racing industry. An adoption movement for them was spearheaded by kennel owners which have arisen to help retired racing dogs in discovering homes for them as pets, with a calculated adoption rate of over 95% in the USA. There is a serious concern about the health of the retired racing dogs. It is recommended to keep them safe and healthy is the duty of the administration.

They experience lives of imprisonment and are confined for 20 to 23 hours a day. Racing greyhounds experience terrible life; they live in warehouse-style in rows of piled cages that are hardly large for them to stand upward or to turn around. They are pinched for long hours every day, with minced paper or carpet pieces as bedding. As per industry statements, they are kept restricted in their cages for 20 -23 hours in a day and are pinched perpetually with two special cases:What States Allow Dog Racing? 12

  1. Only a few times a month they are moved from cages plus taken to tracks where they run.
  2. For a few hours, they are “turned out” in a huge group plus are allowed to relax more. These proved cases account for a total number of periods of three to five hours a day.
  3. For each piled cage smallest measurement of dog track cage is 32 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 42 inches of depth, with slightly large space.
  4. These are prepared by trade companies that are expert in racetrack cages, like G&T crates.
  5. As per Florida effective from 1/1/21 in the forty-one U.S. states the trading of dog racing is illegal.

In 41 U.S. states, for-profit dog racing is against the law. In 4 states, all the dog tracks have ceased and closed live racing; however, a prohibitory rule presently can’t seem to be sanctioned. Those states are Connecticut, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Kansa. In only 5 states, pari-mutuel hound racing stays lawful and operational. In four expresses, all dog tracks have shut and stopped live hustling; however, a prohibitory rule still can’t seem to be established. Those states are Oregon, Kansas, Connecticut, and Wisconsin.

In only five states, pari-mutuel hound dashing stays legal and operational which are West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama Iowa, and Texas.

Coming up next are the latest states to pass enactment forbidding pooch hustling:What States Allow Dog Racing? 13

  1. Maine (1993)
  2. Vermont (1995)
  3. Virginia (1995)
  4. Washington (1996)
  5. Idaho (1996)
  6. Nevada (1997)
  7. North Carolina (1998)
  8. Pennsylvania (2004)
  9. Rhode Island (2010)
  • Massachusetts (2010)
  • New Hampshire (2010)
  • Colorado (2014)
  • Arizona (2016)
  • Florida (2018, viable 1/1/21)

The United States Territory of Guam likewise banned business hound hustling in 2010. Since our arrangement in 2001, the canine hustling industry has been reduced by about 66%. Inside and out, thirty tracks have finished dog hustling and most have shut totally:

  1. Croix Meadows (WI)
  2. Geneva Lakes Kennel Club (WI)
  3. Apache Greyhound Park (AZ)
  4. Post Time (CO)
  5. Plainfield Greyhound Park (CT)
  6. Pueblo Greyhound Park (CO)
  7. Shoreline Star (CT)
  8. Multnomah Greyhound Park (OR)
  9. Cloverleaf Kennel Club (CO)
  • The Woodlands (KSWhat States Allow Dog Racing? 14
  • Tampa Greyhound Park (FL)
  • Hinsdale Greyhound Park (NH)
  • Corpus Christi (TX)
  • Jacksonville Kennel Club (FL)
  • Mile High (CO)
  • Wichita Greyhound Park (KS)
  • The Lodge at Belmont (NH)
  • Wonderland Greyhound Park
  • Seabrook Greyhound Park (NH)
  • Guam Greyhound Park (Guam)
  • Twin River (RI)
  • Hollywood Greyhound Park (FL)
  • Dairyland Greyhound Park (WI)
  • VictoryLand (AL)
  • Phoenix Greyhound Park (AZ)
  • Mobile Greyhound Park (AL)
  • Bluffs Run (IA)
  • Raynham Park (MA)
  • Jefferson County Kennel Club (FL)
  • Melbourne Greyhound Park (FL)
  • Tucson Greyhound Park (AZ)
  • Pensacola Greyhound Track (FL)
  • Sarasota Greyhound Track (FL)
  • Flagler Greyhound Track (FL)

The rest of the 7 Florida pooch tracks must eliminate live hustling by December 2020. Notwithstanding live pooch hustling, greyhound simulcast wagering exists in a few states including Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming. In these states, card sharks are supporting the dog dashing industry despite the fact that there is no dynamic dog to track theirs.

Greyhound hustling is a perishing industry across the nation, hound tracks are shutting since GREY2K USA started its underlying in 2001, and many pooch tracks have stopped live dashing activities. There are right now 14 hound tracks staying in 6 states, with the 8 remaining Florida tracks to near to December 2020. Peruse more on our state-by-state data page. Greyhound hustling is a perishing industry. This decay is because of expanded open mindfulness that hound hustling is pitiless and harsh, notwithstanding rivalry from different types of betting.

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Somewhere between 2001 and 2015, the bet on greyhound dashing across the nation declined by 73%. This incorporates betting on dog hustling and betting, where bettors bet remotely on races that occur somewhere else. Generally speaking betting on pooch dashing is declining, a pattern toward off-track betting proceeds. In 2014, (75%) of all bets on pooch races were done by advance deposit betting.

Thus with this, we can conclude that the dogs should be given proper care and should be kept safely. There should be some laws for them so that no one should think of harming them. Though they are speechless, but why an inhuman treatment to be given in some cases to them. A person should be punished by the law for such kind of an act. Everyone should think of the issue.




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