I seldom wonder why the word: “It rained cat and dog” is used to describe a heavy rain. 

The astounding belief that has remained in the heart of every man is that cats and dogs can never co-exist.

Is this an act? Dwell on it a little.

OK! Welcome back from the wonderland.

In this video clip, One gets to see the abundant relationship Freddy the beautiful white and black cat has with Jessica, the bulldog.

Apparently, the hot black and white cat keep cuddling Jessica, the bulldog.

It makes one question the saying of dogs and cats lifetime enmity.

However, it cannot be proved yet because Bulldogs are an excellent companion and love making friends.

The same cannot be said of other dog breeds.

The way Jessica relates with Freddy might be different from how she will connect with other cats.

Think carefully about this; how did Freddy and Jessica overcome the generational feud?

Today, the enemy still lives in the life of many people.

The ethnic clan feud still propels us to do evil. It should not be!

As humans, it is about time we preach peace and live right.

Not creating a solution today may lead to greater harm in the future.

Let’s learn to live in peace and harmony. 

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