Most times People drown in their misery. This isn’t the case with this good friends living together. 

From the attached video clip, one can see how Reynard reacted to the fidget spinners.

At first she got scared but with time she summoned courage and won the situation but her friend Destin the cat reacted in a totally different way.

Till the end, Destin remained scared but Reynard as a good buddy, gave Destin courage to overcome.

This is a vivid expression of how people react to New things and surrounding as human.

People are not all equal. Most of them welcome change easily but some of them don’t.

But with a friend who is supportive and understanding they can overcome the obstacles and conquer the fear that grips hold of them.

If Reynard can stand her ground by raising her guide, anyone can also do same in difficult situations.

Reynard is a superhero and teaches one to endure, be supportive, smile and show care even with the difficulty of life. People need to embrace change and achieve greatness.

They should shun coward acts and be bold. Though it might seem impossible at first but with time it gets better. Let’s learn to be supporting. Let’s help one another.

Finally, let’s show love and be there for each other. 

Please, encourage somebody out there by SHARING to all your buddies. You never know who needs to be told.

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