1. You should be happy because puppies.

golden retriever puppies in car

2. And because we live in a world where kittens are best friends with owls.

kitten and bird

3. This guy saved a baby deer from drowning.

man and baby deer

4. This dog is part husky, part lab, and split right down the middle.

dog part husky part lab

5. Because even dogs can appreciate some good teamwork.

dogs teamwork

6. Chubby bunnies are all too real.

Chubby bunnies

7. And this cat has socks to match her human.

cat has socks

8. Owls are curious. That’s a good reason for smiles.

curious owl

9. So is the fact that ice cream is so good and this sea gull knows it.

ice cream sea gull

10. Because you may never know what is going on in this picture, but it’s still perfectly wonderful.

man with animals