1. They’re only using you.

pomeranian bath

2. Can’t I be any more clear?

nice pomeranian photo

3. They’re using you to have a roof over their heads.

pomeranian sleeping

4. They pretend to be cute…

cute pomeranian dog

5. …but really, deep down inside, they’re plotting ways to take over your domain.

nice pomeranian face

6. Look, they’re already taking over.

pomeranian in box

7. I told you!

cute pomeranian picture

8. Alone time? You’ll never have it.

pomeranian toy

9. Because they’re watching you.

pomeranian watching

10. Your every move.

pomeranian look out

11. They’re fierce.

pomeranian dog toy

12. Just look at its muscular feet.

pomeranian paws

13. And they totally lack any form of manners.

pomeranian nap time

14. Wow, embarrassing much?

nice pomeranian dog