1. Amarante: Flower That Never Fades

white akita inu dog

2. Jin: Tenderness

amazing dog akita inu

3. Kata: Worthy

akita inu puppy bag

4. Masako: Justice

begging akita inu

5. Kaida: Little Dragon

puppy akita inu

6. Kana: Powerful

rest dog akita inu

7. Makoto: Sincere, Honest

akita inu grass puppy

8. Yoshi: Quiet

akita inu lie dog

9. Yukio: Gets What He Wants

beautiful akita inu dog eyes

10. Ryu: Dragon

awesome dog akita inu pics

11  Akuma. The owner is a kin of Okuma fishing things.

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Yuki, which means snow

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