1. Sometimes it’s tough to tell which of your cats is evil. Sometimes not.

couple of kittens

2. You look do tired, though. You should rest.

black cat mad face

3. “Yes, that’s it… SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP…”

Nice cat face

4. “Don’t worry, I’ll stand guard while you sleep,” says your cat.

Angry white cat

5. Heheheheheheheheheheh…

just cat

6. But the cat will spend most of that time watching you.

watching cat

7. Waiting…

ugly cat

8. “You won’t be needing this alarm clock… ever again.”

funny cat photo

9. Then they’ll bide their time, and wait for the perfect moment to…

funny cat pose

10. You awake to them looming over you, breathing heavily. It’s too late. You’re already dead.