1. You hear them chuckle any time you’re in pain.

cat face

2. They begin making this face at you behind your back.

ginger cat face

3. They begin whispering in tongues when angry.

angry ginger cat

4. Their eyes glow whenever death is mentioned on the news. This is when you should start watching their behavior more.

cats angry eyes

5. They’ve started to eat your food. ALL of your food.

fat cat photo

6. You find them zoning out for prolonged periods of time, rubbing their paws together while softly murmuring “yes” over and over. Lock your door when you sleep.

cute cat pose

7. They begin to make known their awareness of your suspicions.

cat suspicions

8. They begin talking to themselves chronically, seemingly without concern as to whether or not you hear.

cute funny kitten

9. They wait for you in every room, saying “where do you think you’re going” each time. You don’t have much time left.

cat looking at you

10. You catch them watching you from odd places.

cat watching you

11. They appear disgusted any time you smile, laugh, or are remotely enjoying yourself.

disgusted cat

12. They’ve started to find new angles of attack.

cat on door

13. You awake to them looming over you, breathing heavily. It’s too late. You’re already dead.

cat angry eyes face

14. Their evil looks are no longer just looks – it is now their permanent face. Get out while you still can.

cat evil looks