1. They always look guilty, because they’re always doing something wrong.

Border Collie puppy guilty

2. And when you accuse them of something they pull that annoying puppy-dog stare to get out of it!

Border Collie staring

3. They’re so lazy! All they do is sleep!

Border Collie sleep

4. And they are smug as hell!

Border Collie smug

5. Show-off much?

Border Collie flying

6. They love to gossip.

Border Collie gossip


Border Collie puppy ball

8. So stupid! How did you even do that?!

Border Collie look fence

9. They think the whole world revolves around them.

Border Collie birthday

10. Urgh! Crybaby.

Border Collie crybaby

11. OMG why are you being carried?! You’re big enough to walk yourself!

Border Collie puppy in hands

12. And they’re always posing for photos. So vain!

Border Collie fir-cone

13. And they take your spot on the couch!

Border Collie on couch

14. They just stare at you as you eat!

Border Collies stare

15. They think they’re so cute, but in reality they’re everything but.

Border Collie puppy brown

16. Who would want a border collie?!

Border Collie puppies