1. They are horrible at sharing the bed.

great dane in bed

2. Also they’re messy, reallllly messy.

dirty great dane

3. Great Danes can be shockingly aggressive.

naughty great dane and cat

4. You’ll never eat alone again.

hungry great dane

5. They’re terrible liars too.

great dane dog liar

6. They just hate all sorts of weather. Snow is especially bad.

great dane snow

7. They are so hard to entertain.

great dane and ball

8. In fairness they aren’t going to stop too many robbers.

great dane scared

9. They are even worse as a mother and son combination.

great dane mother and puppy

10. You can’t let them babysit.

great danes and child

11. They have no patience.

patient great dane

12. Whatever you do don’t get a Great Dane. Horrendous dogs!!!

great dane nap time

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