1. They can stand on two legs. They can stand on two legs like a goddamn human.

horses on two legs

2. They have eyes on the sides of their head so they can always judge your every move.

beautiful horse eyes morning

3. Lord only knows what kind of demon of the night can stand so fiercely while wind blows through their mane.

black horse wind

4. There’s a reason the bad guys always show up on horseback…

funny riding

5. They could potentially pounce on you at any given moment…

horse wild rider

6. They are not smart…

silly horse watching

7. They’re definitely plotting your demise and gossiping about it with all horses…

gossiping horses

8. And you know they’re probably seeking revenge because we sit on them all the time.

falling horse rider

9. They’re so strong they could probably kick you all the way to outer space…

horse kicking man

10. It’s like a stampede of death…

running horses pics

11. Horses! Not to be trusted…

horse dog pics

12. Don’t think to get one of these monsters. It will be the worst thing you ever do!

beautiful horses beach

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