1. First time the cat has seen a watermelon.

cat and watermelon

2. “No, no, no, no, no, NOOOO!”

too fat cat

3. This is one of the greatest images I have ever seen…

Cat Bath

4. Neighbor’s cat, curious about the fake raven.

cat and fake raven

5. Your offering pleases me.

cat likes popsicles

6. “That’s it…I’m done..I am done buying things for my cat” – The cat owner.

funny cat picture

7. That cats gonna have some crazy abs.

cats gonna have some abs

8. Rabbit.

Rabbit Cat

9. Cat Burger.

Cat Burger-1Cat Burger-2

10. Dog suddenly realizes that cone collar is actually protecting him from the cat.

Dog in cone collar and cat

11. Here’s kitty!

curious cat door

12. “….it was the dog, I swear.”

cat and toilet paper