1. They really hate being in water.

Maine Coon swimming

2. And hate being with you.

Maine Coons 

3. Like really hate being with you.

Maine Coon nap

4. They never sleep because they’re too busy plotting ways to destroy you.

Maine Coon kitten sleep

5. See?

Maine Coon kitten nap

6. You can just feel the hate behind those eyes.

Maine Coon cat

7. Can you feel it?

Maine Coon cat photo

8. It’s seriously some intense hatred.

Maine Coon red kitten

9. They can’t make friends.

Maine Coon cats

10. It’s not in their nature.

Maine Coon and dog

11. Seriously!

Maine Coon cat and dog

12. They can’t take a joke.

Maine Coon funny cat

13. So don’t laugh at them.

Maine Coon wind

14. They’ll ruin your lives.

Maine Coon cat picture

15. In more ways than one.

Maine Coon kittens

16. Who’d want a cat like that?

Maine Coon cat photo