1. Perhaps the cat is working double shifts?

funny sleeping cat2. This is her hunting face. I think it’s suppose to be scary.

cats hunting face3. And you may say to yourself…My God, what have I done?!

too funny cat

4. You guys see the cat run past here?

cat and dog funny5. Someone get him another cigarette.

funny istanbul neighborhood cat6. She is very protective of her ducklings.

cat and ducklings

7. So cute…

cute ginger cats8. Bria is over a year old and I JUST saw this today…

cat heart color9. This cat giving up on being a cat.

tired cat10. Perhaps one of the most majestic tails you will ever see.

cats majestic tail

11. After a long day at work.

sleeping cat funny12. Cat killing the balloon.

Cat and balloon13. This is Peanut. He likes to sit like a human.

cat sitting like a human14. The world’s worst nap.

cats worst nap15. The most delicious burger.

cat and delicious burger16. The shadow fighter.

cat shadow fighter17. The cross-dresser.

cross-dresser cat18. The miracle.

flying cat19. This cat needs some pockets for those paws, NOW…

funny cat winter20. Demon kitty.

Demon kitty21. Jesus dude, put some water out!

funny drinking cat