1. A little puppy is just terrifying…

puppy husky cute

2. Huskies are especially bad around children

kid husky friends

3. These dogs just never listen to you

husky listen to you

4. They’ll never look out for you and protect you from the world

husky protect you

5. They will never make you laugh

funny husky pics

6. They always have many problems

husky problem

7. Huskies couldn’t care less about you and when you get home

dog waiting for you

8. They are very dangerous…

cute happy husky

9. You never know when they take a break

husky family

10. They don’t like to play

playing huskies winter

11. And things only get worse when they are older. So much trouble!…

Beautiful Siberian husky

12. Don’t get one of these monsters. It will be the worst thing you ever do!

cute little huskies puppy


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