Dogs can sleep just about anywhere and this cute and sleepy bulldog is like any other pup. 

He is doing his best to stay awake, but his eyes keep on shutting and then he opens them again.

He looks so sad trying his best to not fall asleep, but naptime is definitely calling his name.

It makes me sleepy just watching this poor dog do his best to not be tired.

I bet his doggy mind is just thinking about how soft and warm his dog bed is and how much he really wants to be in it and not be sitting here doing his best not to fall asleep.

It is funny but not to the poor little dog.

Who knows why he is so tired or why he can’t stay awake, but pretty soon he is going to lose the battle and go to dreamland.

Fight on little pup, but the nap is going to win eventually.

There is not a way in the world that sleep isn’t going to claim him in time.

I want to take a nap just by watching that poor dog. 

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