Summer can bring hot, muggy and miserable days with seemingly no relief in sight. 

However, this smart Golden Retriever has figured out a way to keep himself cool and comfortable this summer.

How? He’s planted himself in the middle of the spray from the yard’s water sprinklers and he’s not about to give it up.

Even when another dog comes by to entice him to leave, he ignores it and keeps on sitting in the spray of water.

As the cooling water streams all over the dog’s face and body, he doesn’t move much except to occasionally put his face closer to the spray, and maybe to take a few licks of the cooling water to drink.

He looks so content sitting there, wouldn’t you like to join him?

Maybe he has just figured out the water is the ticket to keeping him cool in the summer heat, or maybe he has done this every year.

Whichever the case, he is happy and satisfied and I doubt he leaves unless his owners turn off the sprinkler. 

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