Most of the time dogs will ignore something as boring as a backpack unless of course it was filled with doggy treats. 

However, this backpack is very different. It has a Bulldog face on one side that apparently is real enough to rile up several Bulldogs in this house!

The person with the backpack keeps making it go towards the group of Bulldogs and they keep backing up and barking furiously.

They keep their eyes on the offending backpack and look intense as it commands all their attention.

The artist who created the backpack would likely be proud to find out that his picture of a bulldog has fooled real Bulldogs.

This pack of dogs truly must think it is a big Bulldog face trying to attack them!

They never stop looking at it as if they are worried what will happen if it gets out of their sight. They keep barking and watching it carefully.

Makes you wonder if they are trying to protect the person with the backpack or they are just afraid of it. 

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