Dogs like stuffed toys and dogs also like to fight and wrestle with their toys, and this little bulldog is having a blast with a big stuffed green alligator toy. 

The little dog jumps and pounces on it like it was alive and viciously attacks and chews on the toy’s neck.

She shakes the stuffed toy like it is her prey and she is trying to subdue it.

Makes you wonder if she would try to do that to a real alligator!

This alligator is three times bigger than the dog, but that doesn’t stop her from throwing it around the room, chasing after it, straddling it and going to town “killing” it.

She is a nonstop alligator “killing” machine.

It’s tiring just to watch her go as she thrashes around with the stuffed toy and pretends to kill it. She sure loves shaking and jumping on the toy gator and loves her new toy very much.

I bet when her owners gave her that big toy alligator they didn’t know she would love the toy this much. 

She ends up tiring herself out pretty badly by the end of this lively video, and everyone should SHARE this alligator “killing pup.”

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