Dogs love treats and this sleeping bulldog is no exception. 

However, he can’t actually eat the offered treat because he is sound asleep.

But that doesn’t seem to stop him smelling the dog biscuit and acting like he is chewing it and eating it even though it is only sitting by his nose!

Funny how a dog’s nose is so powerful that he can merely smell the dog treat and it sets him up for thinking he is really eating the delicious dog bone.

His owner is holding the dog bone near his mouth, but he never wakes up to actually eat the treat, but maybe he is dreaming he is eating it?

It’s possible since his jaws and lips are making chewing motions after he smells the dog biscuit in his owner’s hand.

Maybe it has a strong odor?

We don’t know what flavor it is and it could be the dog’s favorite kind.

It must be a pretty good dream since he looks like he is enjoying himself as he chews. 

Wow, dogs are really fun to watch and this sleepy dog just keeps snoring away, as well as chewing the imaginary treat in his sleep, so SHARE away.

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