Dogs are very protective of their homes and territory and will defend their owners whenever they feel threatened. 

But what could be threatening about a swinging home door?

This English Bulldog seems to think the door is going to cause some kind of problem or harm to his house.

He stands bravely and barks and growls at the door as it starts to swing open slowly.

At a couple of points, the dog even grabs hold of the corner of the door and bites it.

Hey, Bulldog, that door is not alive! It is just a loose door that moved a little and now keeps moving because you are pushing it.

The dog doesn’t seem to understand that he is the one making the door move.

He just keeps charging the swinging door and keeps on growling and “telling” the door that he wants it to stop and that he is brave and will save his owner and territory from it.

It is so funny to watch the confused dog attack the defenseless door. 

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