Dogs love to play tug of war battles with their owner and with other dogs, so that in itself is not unordinary. 

However, this battle of tug of war is special because it is between a tiny little Chihuahua and a big Bernese Mountain Dog.

The two are playing and pulling like crazy, play growling and trying their best to be the winner of the tug of war game they are playing with a piece of cloth.

If you think you know the outcome to this battle, then think again!

One would probably just not watch and say that the big Bernese Mountain Dog would be the victor over a tiny little Chihuahua.

But you’d be totally wrong in this case because if you watch this epic video to the end you will see that the winner is clearly the tiny dog!

He is a fighter and really wanted to beat his bigger buddy.

This just proves that you should never give up even when the odds are against you no matter if you are smaller than someone else. 

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