When you are dog tired, then sometimes you just want to plop down anywhere and catch a few winks. 

This chubby little pug must really have been super tired, because he is in a crazy and awkward sleeping positon on the bed.

He is upside down with all of his paws hanging in the air as he snores away.

The dog is totally oblivious to the world around him as his owner films his sleeping antics.

He just keeps on snoring and is so zonked out he doesn’t even twitch or move.

It must be nice to be able to sleep so soundly! I envy this cute pup his peaceful slumber without a care in the world.

Wouldn’t you like to be this pug? He gets to sleep and nap the day away and has no responsibilities.

It’s a dog’s life for sure! Puppies are so fun and cute and this one is super cute as he sleeps in this position. 

I wonder what he is dreaming about? Maybe he is dreaming of a nice meaty bone or some doggie treats.

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