Most pet lovers have seen those rubber or plastic treat ball dispensers that dole out a couple of treats or kibble when a dog or cat rolls them on the floor. 

It doesn’t take long for most pets to figure out how to get the tasty treats out of the container.

But his black Labrador has figured out an entirely different method to get the treats out of the container her way!

The smart pup picks up the treat ball and throws it onto the ground and watches closely as it bounces, spraying tiny pieces of the coveted treat out from the hole.

Then, the dog merely licks up the tiny shards of food and doesn’t even seem to care how small each piece ends up!

She does this again and again, so it can’t be a coincidence that she knows at least a tiny crumb of the treats are going to fall out of the treat container toy.

Most dogs would rather have the whole piece of treat, but this one is patient and will take them anyway she can get them it seems! 

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