This cute little black Labrador Boxer mix puppy is showing off his game skills as he plays a game on his owner’s iPad.

The little pup paws at the screen as what looks like a little spotted dog wagging its tail races across the iPad screen. 

Yep, games for dogs and even cats are available for you to download for your pets playing pleasure!

Some pets ignore the pet friendly apps, while others like this talented dog seem to be mesmerized as much as their owners.

It all depends on your pet’s ability to concentrate and watch what happens on the screen.

For dogs the app features the fast-moving dog that runs and dodges all over the screen, while for cats the game features a fish or a mouse.

Think your dog would enjoy the app that Hank the puppy here is playing?

Could be that he and Hank would both enjoy a match between them to see who is the best at catching that little spotted dog on the screen. 

So, if you think your dog would like this game, why not SHARE the video with him or his owner and find out.

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