This round leather game between Benfica and Chelsea in the UEFA Europa League was surely enjoyed by this inquistive German Shepherd.

He’s intensely focused as he sees players with colorful jerseys running and chasing a white ball back and forth on a green turf. 

I bet with the little time spent watching the game it had fully comprehended the objective of the game – putting the ball in the back of the net.

It bobs its head as the ball swings from one patch of the field to another.

He wonders if it’s really the same type of people he’s used to seeing in real life.

To confirm this, he leaps onto the deck and prods his nose on the TV to sniff out a player.

It must have thought “No odor detected”. You would think it recognizes Ramirez- Chelsea’s Brazilian midfielder.

Back on the floor, he continues to gaze more intensely on the game’s proceedings.

He move his ears in order to understand to the players’ moves via the tone of the commentator. 

It then looks away in disapproval after Juan Mata was shown on the screen after he missed a goal scoring opportunity.

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