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Three things to consider when you buy a cage for your dog

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Buying a cage is not so simple, there are as many as there are dog breeds in the world; big, girls, narrow, baggy, of this or that material, among other aspects that you must take into account when choosing the ideal for your dog. This article will discuss some considerations to be taken when you choose a dog cage for your beloved dog along with what to think about when you want to send them to somewhere.

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So, how to choose the ideal cage?

You should consider 3 things:

1) Size:

A cage has to be big enough for your dog to enter, turn around and lie down without problems. Your comfort comes first. For this reason you should make sure that there is a space of at least 7 cm between him and the walls, and 7 cm between him when he is seated.

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What happens if my dog is a puppy?

If your dog is only a few months old and you do not intend to buy different cages as he grows, which is quite reasonable, you should speculate his size in the future and buy accordingly. It is true, it is not exact, but all races have a growth standard that will give us a good approximation. The core of this context is that puppies deserve more comfort. Some races may need to be devoted.

2) Functionality:

Many believe that the cages for dogs are exclusively for transportation, and while it is true that most use it to carry their pets, some people buy them to serve as "home"; a safe place to spend the night. The latter is not strange if we think that dogs are herd animals and by nature feel the desire to live in a den. In that sense, the cages are perfect. Some amateur dog owners choose kennels based only on their tastes not based on actual functionality required. Of course this is highly discouraged because the function should be the first thing to consider. If the entire function has been accommodated, the cage style can be a second consideration.

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3) Amenities:

If you are going to buy the cage to move to your gift, either by air, land or sea, make sure you have some small dishes folded inside, for food and water. Remember that water and food are two essential ingredients of life so ignoring these two things will push your dog into disaster.

There are different types of transport cages for dogs (also called transport boxes or transport kennels). How to choose the most suitable for your pet ?. In this article we will tell you the main variables that you should keep in mind.

1.- Measures of your pet: The height and length of your pet are key when choosing the appropriate transport. The transport cage should be between 5 and 10 cm higher than your pet (10 cm minimum for air travel) and 10 cm longer than your pet.
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2.- Land transport versus air: If your pet will be transported by car or bus, the transport cage can be assembled with plastic clamps, however, if you take it with you by plane it must comply with related standards and, therefore, be armed with screws for maximum security.

3.- Materiality: The plastics used must be of high strength and the door must have double insurance for greater security. Some types of cages may be sold at quite expensive prices but if you do not have enough money, getting instant payday loans is a good solution.
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Hopefully the info contained in this article can help you in choosing the best cage for your dog. Good luck!