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Golden Retriever Plays at the Beach, Relaxes at Home

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What could be better than a day at the beach having some fun and then getting to end the day with a cuddle on the couch? Well, Angus the Golden Retriever agrees with that for sure. He got to spend the whole day playing in the sand and surf at the beach. He likes to watch the waves come in and chew on a random stick for fun. Then, why not dig a great big hole to lay in? Of course! It is fun.

Angus also seems to like to watch the beautiful sunset appearing behind the clouds as the day turns into evening and it’s almost time to head on home after a great day on the beach. But after he gets home, the fun isn’t over at all. He gets to snuggle up on the couch with his friend and get some love. The two of them are probably exhausted from all that play time on the beach. They can rest up until the next time they decide to go off on a fun day together.

So SHARE Angus and his buddy as a lovely day at the beach turns into an evening of cuddle and sleepy recollection of a good time