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German Shepard Puppy Runs From Hand Pointed at Him

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Dogs like to be playful and sometimes that makes them do strange things and have strange reactions to things their owners do. In this video the silly German Shepard pup is running around and jumping around the room as his master pokes three fingers at him and pretends to be trying to chase the dog. The pup barks and goes crazy at the antics of his silly owner. The dog and owner run around the room, all while the owner is pointing three fingers of his hand at the silly pup.

Maybe it is a game the two of them like to play from time to time, or maybe it just happened for no reason at all. Whatever the case, the dog and owner are being silly and turning it into a chase game as another owner sitting in a chair watches the two of them play their silly game. Pups are always playful and it doesn’t take much to get them going, so it’s not that strange that a dog would run and jump around the room if someone did this to them; so SHARE this funny pup with everyone you know.