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Best Gifts You Can Give to Your Fur Baby

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Are you having trouble deciding what gifts to get your little fur baby?

Going gift hunting for your dog can be tougher than shopping for your two-legged friends! Pet stores sell a ginormous amount of doggie stuff, it gets overwhelming in a hurry if you don't know what you're looking for.Forum 1

If your pup's birthday is coming up, or you feel like you have to get your dog a gift for always being cool, read on. We've got the best, all-season gift ideas for your pooch this side of the Mississippi.

Santa Claus ain't got nothing on us!

Dog Gift Giving Basics 101

OK, let's get the basics out of the way first.

Gift giving is an art form (even for doggie gifts), and not all people are good at it! A plain leash, basic collar, dog food, treats, and generic dog bowls are not gifts, but necessities. When was the last time someone gave you a set of utensils or some food as a gift?

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There are unique, fancy, gift-level versions of these bare necessities which make great gifts.

But for the most part, treat the plain and basics as items you don't need to gift wrap. Your dog needs these products to eat, drink and live. Writing your dog's name on the bowl isn't personalizing it!

Great! Let's move on the juicy stuff...

Personalized Doggie Stuff

Now it's personal.

For your dog!

Personalized dog gifts are paw-some because these items are unique and customizable. Give your beloved dog some added identity with these classic gifts:

  • Unique Dog Collars. Have your dog's name and your contact info embroidered, embossed or printed on the collar. Your dog's name will be so large and screaming on this unique collar, people can get to know Tucker in an instant.
  • Forum 3Custom made Cuddle Toy. As a kid, did you ever wish for a toy that looked exactly like you? Neither did we, but your dog will surely love one! There are places in existence that can make a cuddle toy that looks precisely like Fluffy. Your dog will have tons of fun playing with a replica of herself! Custom made chew toys are also available.
  • Personalized Dog Bowl. If you have more than one fur baby and they have trouble sharing, you can get them bowls with their name on it!
  • Custom Tees. Personalized t-shirts never die, and you can have anything embroidered on them. And we do mean anything.

Dog Security for Your Peace of Mind

If you're always worrying about your dog, this category is for you.

  • Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser. This seems to be the rage nowadays. Remember those old baby monitors? Dog cameras are similar, but 1,000x better because you can watch and hear what's going on when you're not around plus give your dog a treat! Forum 4Using an app on your phone, you can see, talk to your dog and even dispense a treat remotely.
  • Doggie Bling. While regular dog tags serve their purpose as indestructible ID's, you can do better. Get your dog snazzier dog tags that come in different designs that are fit for a king in a ball. Who says dogs can't wear a little bling?

Dog Travel Gear

When your dog loves to hop in the car and take a drive with you or go on long walks in the cold or heat, there’s a perfect gift waiting for him!

  • Water Bottle/Dog Bowl. You'll need a leak-proof and spill-proof way to let your dog hydrate when you hit the road or trail. If you're tired of lugging around an extra dog bowl for water, get the Dog Bowl Water Bottle. Just press the bottle, and the bowl fills up with water. Any H2O your mutt doesn't drink will automatically drip down again. Sweet!
  • Dog Car Seat. If you have a small dog, who loves to get in the car with you, get a dog car seat. Dog car seats are comfortable and also act as booster seats so your little fur Forum 5baby can see out the window.
  • Dog Hammock. If you own a large dog, you'll need to protect him and your backseat. A dog hammock creates a secure space in the backseat and even acts as a barrier so your dog won't be able to cross over to the front.
  • All Weather Doggie Shoes. Whether it's wet and cold or dry and scorching, your dog's paws need protection from the extremes.
  • Cold Weather Dog Vest. Windchill affects your dog as much as it affects you, so never let your dog go out in winter without protection. Unless you own a Siberian Husky, that is.

Dog Toys

This wouldn't be a gift list without the heavyweights - toys for your pooch. When it comes to toys, dogs have as many options as a child: chew toys, puzzle toys, cuddle toys, balls, fetch toys, tug toys, frisbees, automated squirrels, and more! Whew!Forum 6

  • Treat Launchers are great, by the way. These are hand-held guns that fire treats your dog can catch or try to chase. It's both a game AND a reward. Ain't that great?
  • Another nifty contraption is an automated and interactive ball thrower. This bad boy launches tennis balls from 10 - 30 feet and will work even when you're not around. All you need to do is teach Fido how to drop a tennis ball into the receptacle, and the ball thrower will do its thing!

Dog Comfort

When it comes to having a fur baby, comfort often trumps everything else.

  • Memory Foam Dog Bed. Because memory foam rocks and will do wonders for your dog's aching back muscles.
  • Heated Dog Bed. When the weather gets cold, your dog sleeps warm. Get a bed that has more than one temperature setting so you can adjust the warmth and coziness Forum 7accordingly.
  • Dog Pillows and Blanket. Well, why not? Dogs often look for something elevated to rest their cute little heads on, and a dog pillow works best. Throw a blanket over your dog when the weather gets chilly and Fluffy doesn't have a heated bed.
  • Indoor Dog Teepee. Get out of here! Who wouldn't want one? Your dog will look adorable sleeping in a teepee instead of a regular indoor dog house.

Pampered Pooch

  • A Day at the Dog Spa. Go all out on your dog by booking a schedule at the nearest dog Forum 8spa. Get the complete spa treatment for your fur baby, from soothing music to a relaxing deep tissue massage. Most dog spas offer full grooming services, which include nail clipping and ear cleaning.

What's Your Dog's Favorite?

Our fur babies can't get enough of our love and affection. The best way to show your dog you care is by spending quality time with him through daily walks or play. You can also shower your dogs with gifts that are both useful and fun!

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There is nothing worse than giving a gift only to discover it broke shortly after use. That’s why I recommend researching first, before buying. Websites like physically test and review each product before recommending it, so you can be confident you bought the best!

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Do you have a cool gift idea that your dog absolutely drools over?

Please share it!






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