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Cosma (non-complete) Cat Food Question

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Good afternoon all!

I've been doing some digging through the forum for an answer to a question I have, and I can't seem to find anyone who has had this particular question answered already! (Sorry if they have and I've missed it...).

The boys have been a bit hit and miss with food, and after a lot of research I decided that the Whiskas they were being fed at the sanctuary wasn't really all that good. I've tried a few foods with them, my priority being something with a high meat content (not derivatives). I've found COSMA food on ZooPlus, and they absolutely love it. I have read however that the Tuna is the only complete food in that range. So, my question is, if I feed the cats the COSMA foods, but also give them Applaws Dry Cat Food (chicken, complete) would that make their diets complete? The dry food is listed as a complete food, so my plan would be to feed them a small 85g tin each in the AM, dry food at lunch, small tin each for dinner and then dry food to follow.

Look forward to your replies!

Thanks all,

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Hope someone could help with this. Was wondering about the same thing as well.

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No, they'll be having a nutritionally deficient diet. Don't feed your cats complimentary food on a regular basis, don't feed them tuna on a regular basis, and try not to feed dry food as a large part of their diet. Feed them a a diet of nutritionally balanced wet food, ideally with a high meat content that doesn't contain grain, carbs, sugars . These  are not suitable for cats 

Canagan has similar texture to Cosma, while being complete? Cats can be picky about what form/ texture the food has as well as the other more ingredient-related differences.