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7 Reasons to Have Cats as Your Roommates

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You may have a number of cute options to choose from at the pet store. Animals and fish are all so lovely, and you may be having a hard time picking one to take home with you.

As the title suggests, we are suggesting that you get cats. And for very good reasons.

Cats, for some reason, have a bad reputation for being moody and bipolar. But, if you get to know more about cats, and how they think and operate, you will get to see their true, beautiful nature.

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You shouldn’t adopt cats if you already have fish, reptiles, or birds at home. They will just become prey. However, if you have any other animals, or none at all, cats will bring sunshine to your plain world.

Excited to know all the benefits of having cute cats as your roommates? Let’s begin!

  1. Cats are Quiet

One of the best traits of cats is that they are quiet. They only meow when they need food, and purr when they feel loved. How cute is that!

Although reptiles don’t make any noise, they are high maintenance. As for aquatic animals, their tank needs to be cleaned often, which can be annoying.Forum 2

Cats, on the other hand, only need to bathe once in a while. Since they stay indoors most of the time, they don’t really get dirty. It is totally the opposite with dogs, though!

Therefore, if you get cats, you can be sure that they won’t start barking or screeching once the doorbell rings. Even if they spot a burglar outside, they will warn you stealthily, like real pros!

  1. They are Not Overly Expensive

You need to be a millionaire to be able to afford exotic pets, such as leopards or snakes. However, cats are affordable, and you don’t have to be rich for them.

Cats are not high maintenance. They need a high quality diet, annual examination and emergency attention from the vet, core vaccinations, bathing, brushing, litter box arrangement, neuting, spraying, and a safe environment.Forum 3

Cat food, bathing tools, a litter box and toys may vary in price. If you want to save money, just buy things that are more on the affordable side. Overall, looking after them is not complicated.

  1. They Don’t Need Too Much Space

Cats are quite small. However, some breeds, like the Burmese cat, Persian cat, Egyptian Mau, Ragdoll, American Bobtail, Norwegian Forest cat, Maine Coon, Pixiebob, Bengal cat, British Shorthair, Turkish Van, Ragamuffin, and Siberian cat may be quite large in size.

The large cats need more luxury, whereas the average ones are happy with whatever you give them. Even when you give them a bed, they would rather cuddle up with you at night.

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They are also very lithe, and can move through gaps effortlessly. Occasionally though, they will bump into things, and drop them by accident.

Honestly, they won’t grow more than four kilograms. Even the large ones have a limit of eight kilograms.

  1. They Take Care of Pests In the House

By having cats at home, you are saving tons of money on removing pests and keeping them away for good. Cats love to hunt, and they are going to start meddling with any rats or bugs that enter your house.

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Additionally, when the rodents realize what a potential pain in the arse your roommate is, they will just leave your house alone. It’s such a blessing to have cats, right?


  1. They are Not Clingy

Cats are not moody. They are just too intelligent for us.

Cats understand the concept of personal space. They don’t want you to disturb them when they are busy. They won’t disturb you either when you are busy, unless it’s an emergency.

They know when and how to mind their own businesses, and whenever they get a chance, they will sleep.Forum 7

Not only are they the silent types, these kitties are peaceful as well. Your roommates love to relax, and stay focused on themselves. In fact, they can be your meditation teacher!

  1. They Can Pamper Themselves

You must have learned about some of the essential characteristics of cats by now. They are intelligent, peaceful, low maintenance, respect personal space, and keep homes free from pests.

Guess what? They are also clean freaks!Forum 8

If you observe cats, you will notice that they like to use their tongues to clean themselves very often. In fact, they do this as often as they take a nap.

So, even if you forget to bathe or groom them, they can take care of themselves. Truly, the most independent of all the pets!

  1. They are Therapeutic

Many researches confirm that cute cats are highly beneficial for people with illnesses. Cats can lower the blood pressure of people suffering from heart diseases.

They can also help those who have anxiety and depression. They just have this calming effect on humans, and people can’t help but feel better around them.Forum 9

You won’t believe this, but their ‘purring’ can heal bones, tendons, and muscles. Listening to their purring, and watching them can calm the nervous system.

Furthermore, many people who live by themselves adopt cats, and they have never regretted it. These little fluff balls are great companions in the house, and they are super smart at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Even people who never owned a cat know how adorable it is. Have you noticed how popular cats are in the pet community? No wonder!

Today, your newsfeed gets flooded with cat memes all the time. Moreover, there are so many videos on the Internet about cats, that you hardly watch TV anymore.Forum 10

But won’t it be healthier if you just have a cat as your roommate, instead of watching other people’s cats on YouTube? You can watch your little precious baby all day long, and you get to play with it as well!

So, we hope that this article will help you to make the best decision at the pet shop. It’s going to be so worth it!