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The 15 Most Important Rottweilers Of 2018

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1. The Rottweiler Puppy.

Rottweiler Puppy

2. "Rescued a dog, wasn't sure how my Rottweiler would react with a new dog in the house and then this happened..."

rescuing pit bull

3. This is how the rottweiler begs. Size and sad eyes.

rottweiler begs

4. The rottweiler and the baby.

rottweiler and baby

5. They never judge. They just love.

rottweiler love

6. And this little rottie who is all cozy in her sweater.

rottie in sweater

7. You never have to feel lonely at night, because he makes sure to snuggle right up to you.

rottweiler sleeping8. Rottweiler Puppies.

Rottweiler puppies

9. Rottweiler pup and a butterfly.

Rottweiler pup and butterfly

10. "We love you mommy!"

Rottweiler mom with puppies

11. Who would even WANT a snuggle buddy like this?!

cute rottweiler puppy

12. Napping horse with cozy rottweiler pup.

Napping horse with rottweiler

13. A baby bear giving a suspicious rottweiler a kiss.

baby bear and rottweiler kiss

14. There's a nice kiss.

Rottweiler and fish

15. This cat knows, sometimes to be a best friend, you have to give hugs even if someone won’t ask.

rottweiler and cat kiss

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